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When I came home yesterday I walked by a man working on the grounds surrounding our apartment. He had cut down a hedge and had piled it all up on a cart, to be driven off and discarded. It was just around the corner from my home, and as I walked past him I smiled and said “hi”. He smiled right back at me. Internally all I could think of was how much I wanted him to clear away the pile of branches laying in out garden (the pile even contained the remnants of a christmas tree!), right in front of our porch…

For an instance I imagined myself asking him to do so, but of course it was just out of the question. It’s our garden, it’s our mess, our responsibility!

As me and my hubby went out a couple of hours later we stopped short right outside the door. The pile of branches along with the dead christmas tree – all gone. For  a moment we just stood there and stared! =)

I wonder if I inadvertently projected my wish to that man, telepathically. Or if it was a case of “ask and you shall receive”, courtesy of the gods or the universe or whatever. Or if that man in fact is naturally sensitive which made him pick up on my thoughts?

I don’t know, perhaps it was a mix of all those alternatives. What I can say is, when I think back on what I was thinking as I walked by the man, without really reflecting on it I formulated my wish clearly, as if I had actually spoken the words. In a super short flash of time I imagined myself asking him to please clear away our pile of branches as well. I don’t know why, but I tend to do that, almost as a test of how a certain conversation might play out before actually saying anything out loud.

Anyhow, I’m glad to have gotten rid of the trash. So to whoever you are, thank you for doing me that favor!

Love and light!


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