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I realized something today. As I sat on the phone at work, I scribbled away on a piece of paper. I’ve been thinking about the concept of automatic writing, wondering how on earth people manage to not influence what they are writing! Without much effort I let the pen do it’s thing across the paper, but I couldn’t stop putting my own thoughts and expectations into the words. I sighed and got frustrated, and while taking the next call I really just let my hand move without my interference.


As I looked down onto the paper, I had written 7. Over and over. Now I started getting really annoyed with myself, wishing my hand to accept the task and do some cool automatic writing for me! I took another call and continued to scribble. Seven. And again, seven. Hmpf… I gave up and quit trying.

But then, as I looked at my old scribbles from other days, I started to wonder. Today wasn’t the first time I’ve written the number seven without really thinking. I seem to have been doing it over and over and over, not in neat lines or contexts but jumbled in bunches, or in vertical lines, or halfway on top of one another, or just a solitary seven on its own… Then I realized that my attempt at automatic writing may not have failed at all. Maybe I have in fact been getting a message all along: 7

But what does seven mean? Why do I keep writing it? Even as I write this blog post I can’t help thinking “But of course I write sevens, that’s natural!” Uhm… is it only “natural” that I keep writing the same number day after day after day, without even noticing it?

Of course I googled “significance of number 7” and got the immediate response. Here’s a quote from the first website I looked at:

Seven:Sevens, like Threes, deal with magical forces. Sevens deal with esoteric, scholarly aspects of magic. Representative of scholarly activities, mystery, and the focused search for esoteric meanings. Seven deals with the activation of imagination and manifesting results in our lives through the use of conscious thought and awareness. Ruled by Saturn, Seven can represent impractical dreaming, but with a deeper understanding of the aspects of Seven, you can quite deftly utilize its magical vibration to your own benefit.



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Symbols appearing on the body

I must try to think of something other than what I described in the previous blog post. I must calm down.

For some reason I came to think about something strange that happened to me and my mother after my grandpa died, a couple of years ago. The day after he passed away my mom sat at work, still in a bit of shock and destroyed with grief. As she sat there at her desk, staring in front of her, a sign suddenly appeared on her hand. It was a circled dot.

The symbol remained as she got home at night, and showed it to me in amazement. By then it had started to fade but was still clearly visible.

A few weeks later, as I was reading on my bed, a symbol appeared on my left thigh. I looked around, checking if there was anything around that I might have leaned against to make such a mark, but I found nothing that could explain it. I don’t really know if there’s a word for it, but it was like a square that had sides that were slightly curved inwards.

I have no idea what these symbols meant. I know that the circled dot is a common symbol, existing in many cultures. Mostly it seems to represent the sun. The second symbol I have no idea about, and even after some extensive googling I can’t find a word for it. Any suggestions?

The googling have however informed me about a condition called dematographism. Apparently that condition gives you very very sensitive skin, and with it you can”write” on your skin just by applying slight pressure. Google it and check out the pics, it’s really quite cool! It does not, however, look anything like what me and my mom experienced. The symbols looked like they had been pressed into the skin, while the dematographis pics show raised lines, or lines that look  sort of scratched. Plus, more importantly, neither me or my mom had applied any pressure on the skin prior to the symbols appearing. Mom actually watched hers appear. Both symbols stayed on for hours, though mine faded perhaps just a little bit faster. And neither of us have that sensitive skin, we’ve never ever gotten marks like that before or after that event!

Those months after my grandpa’s death both me and my mom had more “paranormal” experiences than ever before. It was like both of us were much more in-tune, and experiences came more frequent. Perhaps the grief made us see and hear things that didn’t exist. But I really don’t think so. Think I’m naive?

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Let me leave the question of health and fasting to tomorrow, and instead talk a bit about dreams and how to interpret them.  First of all, let me say that YES, I have read a lot of dream interpretation theories. From Freud and Jung to new age theorists contra modern psychology. In the end I always rely on my own experiences during the years where I kept a detailed diary of all of my dreams. Tonight, I thought I’d share some of my experiences with you. Feel free to comment, I would be happy to hear your thoughts on the subject as well!

To understand my way of “reading” dreams, you should understand that I see most dreams as a collaboration between me and my subconscious, wherein I supply the language and the subconscious supplies the actual content.

Sometimes the use of symbols is heavy and easily interpreted. Here’s an example of a dream completely STACKED with symbolism:

I am in a world that isn’t really real. I am Superman’s woman, and while he flies around and plants seeds I really just try to get him to sleep with me. Our housekeeper is a woman dressed in the blue dress of Yemaya, she is the Ocean.

A stranger appears, a woman that I immediately understand is dangerous. She breaths at us and makes us go all stiff. The evil woman commands the Ocean to kill me and Superman, and poor Ocean has no choice but to try and obey. Luckily, Superman manage to break free of the spell and kills Ocean.

The evil woman comes back, with a whole group of people, outnumbering us completely. One of the men is handsome, with golden skin and a shaved head. He is also huge… he’s the leader of a great people, and very dangerous. 

I approach him and offer my services. As the king he may sleep with whoever he chooses, and if I can just be alone with him I will try to assassinate him…

He brings me to “the Blood Room”, a very small room with red marble walls, and we have sex. But then he leaves before I get the chance to kill him. He is already bored with me.


Now what to make of this little drama? I can think of several ways to interpret this. Boiling it down to a short summary is often helpful:

I wish to have sex with superman. Ocean is our housekeeper. The evil woman makes Ocean try to kill us, but Superman manages to kill her first. I try to kill our enemy by sleeping with him. I fail.

Which could be translated as…

I am connected to the greater power, or God, and I wish to learn from him/create with him. An outside influence makes my emotions, which really should be working for me, attack me. The greater power intervenes and saves me, but at a great emotional cost. I find what rules that bad, outside influence, and I think that the only way to fight back is to join it. That doesn’t work out, I just sacrifice more of myself.

I could also interpret this on a grander scale:

The Godess, (Earth or Gaia, represented by me as a woman) is in union with the God (represented by Superman).  Ocean, or Yemaya, is another entity, below the divine couple but still beyond anything human. If necessary, the God has the power to subdue Ocean. There is also another power (the dangerous, golden king), seductive beautiful yet very deadly. His representatives attempt to destroy the simple, natural and good life. The Godess, Earth, winds up copulating with the Golden King in order to save herself, to fight back. But he gets bored and leaves her in ruin.

Is this all about how humanity abuses the earth? Could the golden man and his people represent humanity? Causing the ocean to die, and using the earth for selfish pleasure?

I should probably go with the first interpretation, where the whole dream is about me and my emotional life. Yet I actually feel the latter interpretation resonating more deeply with me and my understanding of the world. This dream was so grand, the symbols used were so big and important… I might be wrong (of course!) but I really do think this dream reveals how my subconscious views the world. Or what do you think?




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