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Good morning everyone! Seems like spring starts off with a bang, going from cold and snowy to sunny and warm(er) weather. Yay spring!

As you all know, yesterday was the spring equinox. It was a good day. Really, a very good day. I started off by doing some tidying up at home. Then I moved outside and did some “tidying up” in the nearby forest. It always upsets me to see the amount of trash that just lies around…






As I was snapping this last photo my mom called, asking if she could come over. And so an hour later she dropped bye, and we had a great time together (unusually good actually!).

After mom left I got creative and made this earring hanger thingy. These things have been laying around in jewelry boxes, all entangled and messy, some have gotten lost and well, it’s been terribly irritating. So here we go, no more mess!



I made it out of scrap material. The base is a piece of cardboard. The shiny white fabric covering it comes from a slinky nightgown that I bought cheep and that never actually fit, so it’s just been laying around. The black what-you-call-it at the bottom is from another piece of lingerie that also had a bad fit. The blue wobbly ribbons that are oh so practical for hanging hooks on are left overs from a sewing project a couple of years ago. The white ribbons it hangs from are the shoulder straps from the white nightgown.

This pretty much sums up what I think about do-redo or salvage philosophy. We need to stop throwing stuff away indiscriminately, and start seeing used man-made stuff as materials that can be used for something new. So, to celebrate the spring equinox it felt like a good idea to do some work for the resource balance of earth. Plus it turned out really good and it made me happy. =)

I also had time to do some baking, and made two kinds of bread that me and hubby happily tasted last night when still all oven-warm. Yummmm….

Before bed, I sat by my altar and lit the Mother’s and Father’s candles, gave offerings and burned bay leaves. I was remarkably calm, as I had been all day, and really didn’t have much to say. So in the end I just sat there, smiling silly, and felt myself connected to Mother and Father, watching the candle flames dancing.

And so spring begins. Love and light to you all!


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These days there have been a lot of talk about balance around the blogosphere. Yes, I mentioned it too, in the last post. Seems like the concept of balance very easily triggers an emotional reaction, probably because it actually is highly important yet tricky to fully understand.

First, I read this blog post over at In The Arms of Mother Earth which talks about the God/Goddess balance and how it’s common for modern pagans to more or less ignore the God and focus completely on the Goddess. Most likely this is due to the Goddess having been so completely ignored in the past, in western religions.

Then I came across this blog post in Lady Imbrium’s holocron where the writer gives a frustrated little rant about how there is no such thing as static balance. As she says:

“Balance is not a state… it’s a dynamic process. A pendulum in a grandfather clock is balanced, but is always in motion.”

Then just this morning I read this blog post on Adventures and Musings of a Hedgewitch. It’s all about balance in nature, and what that really means.

Now, let’s look at Star Wars. Yup, you heard me. Star Wars. Remember little Anakin, who everyone thought would bring balance to the force? And remember how upset the jedi were when he turned to the dark side and became a sith? To me, it always made sense. The prophecy was true, Anakin did bring balance to the force. It’s just that balance does not equal “good”. And in the Star Wars universe balance of the force meant there needed to be a dark side, hence Anakin needed to join the dark side.

So balance isn’t necessarily good. In certain circumstances it might not even be something to wish for. Yet I have a sneaking suspicion that on the grand scale balance is absolute, or else the world would wobble and destroy itself. On the grand scale, creation must equal destruction. Too much destruction and all will be lost, as there is always more destroyed than is created. Too much creation and all will become “overcrowded” if you know what I mean, and the world will suffocate itself.

Is this an excuse to vandalise, kill and be generally destructive? Hell no. The kind of balance I speak of is on the universal scale, and I’m not even sure if we can affect it. On a smaller scale we must be careful, though. The universal balance isn’t good or evil. It doesn’t care if we live or die, as long as the great balance is kept in the long run. So if we go overly destructive and mess up our ecosystem, ruining the local balance, we might lose it all. But hey, I’m sure new life is created somewhere else in the universe so the great balance is still kept without us.

So, the local balance of nature is vital for us to keep. That means keeping Earth’s budget and not using more resources than what Earth continually produce. It means not messing up the food chain by releasing poison in nature, that kills off too many animals. Yes, animals will always die and that’s all natural, but if we humans decide to for example kill off all insects, that will mess things up. The local balance means we need to either find ourself new planets to populate, or limit the amount of humans alive at the same time. If we don’t regulate ourselves, nature will. Become too many, and we will starve, or die in plagues… then if we die off completely or are just reduced to a more manageable amount, that we’ll never know. In other words, let’s keep the balance in nature now while we still have the chance.

Balance is often thought of as a happy fluffy feel-good concept. And on a tiny scale, sure it might be so. Keeping your own personal life balanced (managing your financial budget and not spending more than you earn, managing your time schedule so you have enough to do but not too much, etc) will certainly make you feel better. But the entire concept of balance is not one-sided. It’s not all good. It’s not all bad. In fact, in the eyes of the Great Balance there is no good or bad. That’s not to say there is no such thing as good and evil, for I am sure that there is. I’m just saying that the Great Balance doesn’t care.

Today is the spring equinox. It’s the tipping point between seasons, the day when light=darkness all over the planet. Actually, the tipping point was early this morning, if I’m not mistaken. For my part of the world, that means we’re now getting more light than darkness each day.

Now to get up off the couch and make this a good day. I wish you all a happy spring equinox!

Love and light


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