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How did this work?

Ok, here’s a little conundrum I’ve been pondering…

It was summer. I was just a young teen, being harassed by mosquitoes ALL the time and getting LOTS of bites. Finally, one evening, I got sick of it. When the next mosquito landed on my arm and bit me, I just looked at it. And I spoke, from the bottom of my heart: “Hey, you! Let’s make a deal. If you and the rest of your species will just leave me alone, I promise not to hurt any of you.” 

I carefully blew the mosquito off my arm and went to bed. 

And for the next five years not a single mosquito bit me. Not one. Other kinds of insects still did, but not mosquitoes. Not even when in the most mosquito-infested areas where the people around me got heaps of bites.

Then one day, I accidentally killed a mosquito. I didn’t see it sitting on the back of a chair, and I leaned right on it. And just like that, the mosquitoes started biting me again. It’s been some 7-8 years now since then, and though I’ve tried to make a new deal it just wont work again. I just keep getting bitten.

Now here’s what I’ve been pondering. What really happened when I made that first deal? Did I actually connect with the mosquitoes in some way, or the “mosquito spirit”, or did I in fact make a kind of spontaneous spell that really had nothing to do with the bugs in question? What do you think?

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