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As some of you might have read, I did a sort of improvised ceremony a couple of days ago. The intent was to open up to various deities and see if I could get a connection in any way. This was very new to me, and the result was in some ways surprising. Especially when it came to Shangó… You see, as I reached out to him I felt a flash of anger or irritation, and if I read the energy correctly he was a bit annoyed at me for calling out to him accompanied the rythms of another deity! I was foolish, really. The different orishas have different rythms, and if I couldn’t play the right one for each god I should have just kept it quite.

Anyhow, tonight I once again did something alltogether new to me. Feeling that my verbal apology wasn’t enough, and wanting to appease any lingering negative energy from Shangó, I decided to make a small offering.

So I bought a beautiful little red candle specifically for him, and a pretty metal plate that I think I’ll use just for spiritual matters. I called on Shangó again, and this time I called only on him. I offered him a shot of mojito and red-white candy. I asked him forgive me if I was rude last time I spoke to him, and hoped that he would like my humble offering. I chatted for a while, speaking from the heart. In my mind I could see memories of when I danced his dances, and I heard his rythms in my head. In the end I just sat in light meditation and focused on him and trying to listen.

I didn’t get any specific messages of visions. But I am happy and greatful that I felt no negative feelings from him whatsover, so I think the apology was accepted! If I picked up anything it was a hint of… hm, how to describe it? A bit of teasing together with harsh masculinity? I guess that might just be my own mind’s creation… but honestly, right now I don’t care, I am just happy that I called him. =)

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