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Last night’s meditation was short and sweet, solidifying the message I’d gotten 24 hours earlier. The body is a sacred tool and must not be underestimated.

Within my own mind, I started asking questions. Who is feeding me this information? Is it me, my subconscious, coming up with this? Or is there someone with me, guiding my thoughts? 

It’s probably my subconscious, I thought. This is probably me just having a conversation with myself.

For a moment I am visited by a memory. Of me looking over my shoulder and seeing the “Bird Woman”, described in this earlier blog post.

My immediate reaction: Well, now my mind is probably just making things up, looking desperately for an explanation. Because these thoughts of the body as a sacred tool is just my own idea, right?

My mind fills up with another image. A beautiful belly dancer, as seen on tv, dancing seductively. She’s looking at me, smiling, and wiggling her hips. Then the image flashes back to the bird woman. Then back to the young belly dancer. She keeps looking at me, always smiling. Melanie , I think. She is like Melanie. Melanie is a character in a book I’m reading, a beautiful and resourceful young woman who doesn’t mind using her sex appeal to get what she wants, though when the shit really hits the fan she can access abilities beyond what’s human. Flash, back to the belly dancer. Then back to the bird woman.

And then finally it hits me. It’s Freya. As soon as I think her name, I can feel her. Before, when she came to me as the old bird woman, I didn’t make the connection. Didn’t understand it was her, though I know she can take the shape of a bird. The beautiful dancer keeps smiling at me within my mind, and I feel a tingle of joy and appreciation coming from her.

I hadn’t thought of it before, but as soon as I felt her vibe I knew it made perfect sense. Freya’s connection to sex and erotic desires is well known, and I’m sure you’re also aware of her relation to warriors and battle. I have always thought this is a strange combination, sounding almost like a stereotypical male fantasy combining hot chicks with destructive weapons. But now I see, the connection lies in the body. In the powerful combination of mind and body.

The message came within a golden burst of joy and pleasure. I just smiled, feeling like my heart was swelling. This truly was Freya, and her energy was pure golden joy, Suddenly I remembered the little song I made up on Valentines day. Still smiling, I slumped down on the bed, drawing the blanket up around me and snuggled up by my darling Husband. Within my mind I sang the song to Freya, over and over again. I wished I could sing it out loud, but I didn’t wanna wake up my love. So it stayed within my mind, but singing it still felt glorious.

Freja du sköna, 

dansa vid min sida.

Sjung mig kärlek, sjung mig kärlek.

(Beautiful Freja, dance by my side. Sing me love, sing me love.)



Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention. As I realized the energy I was feeling belonged to Freya, for a brief second I wondered if there is any truth to the theories that all female goddesses in fact are aspects of one and the same goddess?  I sent out the question towards Freya: Are you an aspect of Mother? I got a very clear answer: I don’t want to talk about it. Huh. The feeling that enveloped that answer was bordering on irritation, yet it felt more as if she just ignored that question and moved on. I caught the drift and didn’t ask again. Perhaps I’ll raise the question some other time?

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