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I thought I’d share another memory that means a lot for me. This happened when I was a teenager, a regular afternoon when I was home alone.

I sat in the living room, writing in my diary. But then… as I wrote… everything sortof shifted. Imagine my surprise when I realized that the hand I was looking down on, the one holding the pen, wasn’t actually my hand! And I wasn’t writing in my own diary any more either.

I was completely conscious during this experience and aware of what was going on, and I was completely fascinated though at the same time a little spooked.

I just wasn’t me anymore. I was a young woman (perhaps 18-19 years old?), with the name Angelica Brunstedt. At the moment I was writing a letter, while flashbacks or memories past before my eyes.

I was about to marry a man I had just met. It was perfectly normal, and I was neither happy nor sad about it. In one of the flashbacks I remembered walking in a beautiful garden, wearing a flowing white summer dress. At the time I thought it was an early 20th century dress but now I realize it might be early 19th century as well. I wore a shawl that was borrowed and ment a lot to me.

Then, as sudden as it came, the moment was gone. The hand writing in the journal was once again my own hand. I was in completele shock, and I immediately wrote down what I just had experienced.

Then what happened, really? A past life? Or might some common circumstances have let me connect to another soul… though I didn’t recognize any common features in our lives it could be something as simple, unknown. Like me writing the same words as she had done, on the same day of the year and at the same time, or something like that. Could a connection be made spontaneously at such a moment, linking two otherwise unconnected people? Or do you think I must have a personal connection to her in some way? I have already looked through my family records and haven’t been able to find anyone with that name. But once again… could be a passed life? What do you think?

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