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Hey there, I’m back home again after a couple of hours of hard work, and I thought I should tell you a little bit more about that strange event last night.

First of all, let me say this: I’m pretty sure this was a so-called “supernatural” event. Not that it isn’t natural… I just mean I really can’t find a physical reason for those dark drops to have ended up on me. I was inside in a perfectly dry room. No open windows, no condensation above. I was sitting perfectly still and couldn’t have knocked something over or anything, and I was alone in the room (my Husband was on the second floor) so there was no-one there who could have been teasing. The drops literally came out of nowhere.


Ok, making the assumption that the whole thing was somehow spiritually connected, there are now a number of questions floating in my mind. My gut reaction right after it happened was to sit down an meditate, and see if anything came up. Using the runes to ask for answers also felt like a good idea.


So I sat down and went into meditation, trying to reach both Mother and Father. And also Freya, since she’s come to me recently with some insights. With closed eyes I fingered my bag of runes, and started to ask questions.

Those dark drops… what were they? 

I drew three runes: Ansuz – Wunjo – Thurisaz

The first rune confirms the spiritual nature of the whole event, signalling that they originated in the spiritual or divine realm, and that they might even have been a message. Wunjo points at joy and positive energy, or even love. Thurisaz is connected with male energy, a violent reaction, destruction or change. And of course, the mystical being called the thurs. All together, Ansuz-Wunjo-Thurisaz, the message seems to be rather potent. I’m still reluctant to write up a summary just yet, so hold on.

Next question. From whom?  


Laguz, how appropriate. Basically, it means water. However, just as water in itself is rich in symbolic value, laguz has too. I realize that I formulated my question badly, not being clear on if I meant “who is talking to me now?” or “who sent me the dark drops?” So I asked again, wanting to clear it up.

Who is sending me this information now? Who am I talking to?

Ansuz – Týr

I can’t help smiling. Týr literally means “god”, though it most often refers to the god Týr. As I spontaneously felt for Týr, wondering if it really was him, I got a nice little surprise. A nice tug of recognition, and I realized that Týr is Father. I felt embraced in warm and comforting light. And with the combination ansuz-tyr I felt pretty happy.

So the Laguz I got earlier, am I right to assume that it referred to the origin of the drops, where they came from?


I can only interpret that as a yes, that’s right. (Dagaz representing dawn, insights and breakthroughs)


If the drops were a message, what did they mean? 


Protection? Algiz is also often described as representing the actual link between humans and divine beings, as such also being connected to spiritual awakening and a higher life.


There is one more thing to consider before making any assumptions as to the point of the whole thing. What was I doing when it happened? What was I thinking at the moment?

As I said in this morning’s blog post, the drops appeared as I was reading a website about religion, destiny and messengers in the (absolutely amazing) sci-fi series Battlestar Galactica (seriously, it’s an incredible series and everyone should see it!!!). I was pondering the nature of oracles and occult practices. And just before the first drop appeared I asked myself if it was time for me to offer runic divinations to other people. So far I’ve only done it for myself and my mom, since I haven’t felt competent enough to go public, so to say. But maybe it is time?

Five seconds later the first drop ran down over the computer screen, and a couple of seconds later more drops splashed down on my right leg.

I can’t help thinking the dark drops were a reaction to that which I was thinking and asking myself. Combine that with the indications given by the runes, I’d say it’s pretty certain. Where did the drops come from? Or perhaps the question should have been WHERE did they come from? Laguz, the astral plane. Laguz, spiritual powers. Laguz, the unconscious mind. Laguz, the hidden.

It almost feels as if the dark drops where physical manifestation of that which is Laguz. A little part of the hidden powers dripping into our physical world.

What was that? Ansuz-Wunjo-Thurisaz. A divine message, of joy and great change. Happy thurs. The positive side of the dangerous force that is thurs?

What was the message, what did it all mean? My gut feeling is that there is no great message, but more of a confirmation that a link is established between me and the astral. Algiz, the link between humans and divine beings.

As such, I think I have my answer. I asked if I was ready to serve and use whatever skill I have in divination, to help others communicate with the divine. I think the answer is yes.


That is my gut feeling about all of this weirdness. Does it sound plausible or am I reading way too much into this? Do you have any other interpretations? I am in no way certain of it all, I’m just trying to make sense of a totally weird experience which even threw my scientist and non-believer of a husband (he seemed almost worried, and joked that we were being haunted, but his voice actually sounded kinda serious.)

And if anyone of you want to be my first guinea-pig for runic divination,  raise your hand or shout out loud or send me smoke signals or something. I think it’s time I start doing this.

Love and light


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Last night’s meditation was short and sweet, solidifying the message I’d gotten 24 hours earlier. The body is a sacred tool and must not be underestimated.

Within my own mind, I started asking questions. Who is feeding me this information? Is it me, my subconscious, coming up with this? Or is there someone with me, guiding my thoughts? 

It’s probably my subconscious, I thought. This is probably me just having a conversation with myself.

For a moment I am visited by a memory. Of me looking over my shoulder and seeing the “Bird Woman”, described in this earlier blog post.

My immediate reaction: Well, now my mind is probably just making things up, looking desperately for an explanation. Because these thoughts of the body as a sacred tool is just my own idea, right?

My mind fills up with another image. A beautiful belly dancer, as seen on tv, dancing seductively. She’s looking at me, smiling, and wiggling her hips. Then the image flashes back to the bird woman. Then back to the young belly dancer. She keeps looking at me, always smiling. Melanie , I think. She is like Melanie. Melanie is a character in a book I’m reading, a beautiful and resourceful young woman who doesn’t mind using her sex appeal to get what she wants, though when the shit really hits the fan she can access abilities beyond what’s human. Flash, back to the belly dancer. Then back to the bird woman.

And then finally it hits me. It’s Freya. As soon as I think her name, I can feel her. Before, when she came to me as the old bird woman, I didn’t make the connection. Didn’t understand it was her, though I know she can take the shape of a bird. The beautiful dancer keeps smiling at me within my mind, and I feel a tingle of joy and appreciation coming from her.

I hadn’t thought of it before, but as soon as I felt her vibe I knew it made perfect sense. Freya’s connection to sex and erotic desires is well known, and I’m sure you’re also aware of her relation to warriors and battle. I have always thought this is a strange combination, sounding almost like a stereotypical male fantasy combining hot chicks with destructive weapons. But now I see, the connection lies in the body. In the powerful combination of mind and body.

The message came within a golden burst of joy and pleasure. I just smiled, feeling like my heart was swelling. This truly was Freya, and her energy was pure golden joy, Suddenly I remembered the little song I made up on Valentines day. Still smiling, I slumped down on the bed, drawing the blanket up around me and snuggled up by my darling Husband. Within my mind I sang the song to Freya, over and over again. I wished I could sing it out loud, but I didn’t wanna wake up my love. So it stayed within my mind, but singing it still felt glorious.

Freja du sköna, 

dansa vid min sida.

Sjung mig kärlek, sjung mig kärlek.

(Beautiful Freja, dance by my side. Sing me love, sing me love.)



Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention. As I realized the energy I was feeling belonged to Freya, for a brief second I wondered if there is any truth to the theories that all female goddesses in fact are aspects of one and the same goddess?  I sent out the question towards Freya: Are you an aspect of Mother? I got a very clear answer: I don’t want to talk about it. Huh. The feeling that enveloped that answer was bordering on irritation, yet it felt more as if she just ignored that question and moved on. I caught the drift and didn’t ask again. Perhaps I’ll raise the question some other time?

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Me and Hubby might be in trouble here. Deep trouble. We’ve got a piece of land (check!). We talked to the authorities about all the permits many months ago and they said everything would be fine and dandy by mid may – at the very latest (check!). We’ve ordered a house to be built at the end of summer (check).

So what could possibly go wrong? Huh. Turns out you can’t trust the authorities to make a trustworthy assessment of this kind of issue. They messed things up, of course they messed things up. Nothing we can do about it, all the paperwork is done and everything is in order BUT the authorities just haven’t closed the case, and now they are saying that if we’re lucky it MIGHT be done by the end of june. WTF?!

We shouldn’t have trusted the authorities judgement of when the whole thing would be done and the permits would be in our hands. We were naive, and now we might be financially ruined if the house building company decides it’s too late to push up the delivery date. This is bad. Really bad. Like nightmarishly bad, our dream home and economical future is hanging in the balance.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I will petition the gods and ask for their help, beg them to help speed up the permit process. I am also thinking of trying to influence the process on a magical level, I just gotta figure out how. And that’s where I’m asking you for help. What kind of ritual would you suggest? Any other pointers?

It might not work, I know. But at this point I am desperate and I’d rather try too much than too little.

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I haven’t made a snow lantern since I was just a kid, and I was so happy when I realized we could make one in our back yard for the Day of Love. It glowed with the sweetest light and was just beautiful. After it was done I stood and watched it for a moment, feeling the light and happiness radiating from it. I whispered a few words to Freya and even sang to her.

Freja du sköna, 

dansa vid min sida.

Sjung mig kärlek, sjung mig kärlek.

(Beautiful Freja, dance by my side. Sing me love, sing me love.)

The pink candle I bought specifically for this day, and we kept it burning for (almost) the entire day as a symbol of love. Both of our cats were very interested in it and we had to save them from catching on fire at least a dussin times. The pretty flowers in the background I got from my darling husband, I just love the color of those tulips!

I hope you too had a marvellous Day of Love! Hugs to you all!

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Hey there!

A couple of years ago when I spent a summer in Norway, I came a across an amazing art exhibition. Each piece depicted one of the old norse gods or goddesses, the technique used was mainly photo-manipulation It was raunchy, sexy, controversial and very very beautiful.

Since then I have searched for the name of the artist, and copies of the artwork, if only in digital form. The piece that really got stuck in my mind was the depiction of Freya.

It was Freya as you’ve never seen her before. It was not the cutie-pie love goddess, oh no.

Remember how Freya used to collect dead warriors from the battle field?

Well, this pic showed Freya having sex with such a dead warrior. Yup, straddling a bloody corpse right there on the battle field, and clearly enjoying it.

The picture just oozed of raw sensulity, it was so dark and so honest it just took your breath away. And despite all, it was simply beautiful. Can you imagine such a picture being beautiful? You probably have to see it to believe it…Not for the faint of heart though! It so clearly brought up the fact that Freya was the goddess of love and war. Sex and violence, oh yes!

I’ve been trying to find this piece of art, but I can not find it anywhere. Have you seen it? Oh please say you have! Anyone got a link to it? I’d be more than grateful… *hopeful puppydog eyes*

And oh, I might mention that the other pieces made by the same artist were also amazing, depicting the other norse deities. Though the one with Freya was the most extreme, I think…


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Since yesterday I’ve been thinking about the 14th, and planning. I don’t really want to call it Valentines day, as for me the day has no connection to st Valentine. I find the swedish name better, Alla hjärtans dag – literally meaning “the day of every heart” or “all hearts’ day” (which you can’t really say comfortably in english, it sounds weird, but in swedish it’s all good…). In the end, I will call the 14th what it means to me: The Day of Love.

For me, this is not as corny as it sounds. On the contrary, it’s meaning is profound. Love is not about having a crush (which of course is very nice in itself, but it’s got more to do with chemistry than love!) and not about sex (though of course, love and sex makes a marvellous combination!). Love is… well, how can you really describe it? Love is compassion. Love is truth. Love is warmth. Love can never be bought. Love is… worth living for.

The 14th of february, the Day of Love, is when I want to celebrate the force that is love. For the last couple of years I have spent quite a lot of time and energy on making gifts for my husband for this very day. Yup, erotic gifts. Both time and energy have been well used and my husband have appreciated the gifts more and more for every year, knowing that they are a pure expression of my love for him. I still haven’t deicded what to give him this year, though…

What else? As I said, it’s not all about sex. And this year I want to really connect on a spiritual level with the force that is Love.

Love for myself. Love for my family. Love for my home. Love for my local community. Love for my country. Love for humanity. Love for all that is living. Love for the spirits. Love for the gods.

I will make a little effort to celebrate each and every one of those.

Love for myself 

Take my time in the morning, with a really nice bath instead of my usual shower. Indulge myself with nice skin care and make up, dressing nice and letting myself feel beautiful. No self-criticism this day, no complaining about my body, just remember all that is good about me.

Love for my family

Give a loving gift to my husband. Spend som time with my mom, on the phone if nothing else. Give my darling cats a really nice treat… During meditation, reach out to my loved ones and send them my love, and feel their love for me in return.

Love for my home

On the day before, thoroughly clean and cleanse the house, physically and spiritually, so that the home will be a safe and welcoming on the 14th. Make sure there is nothing that’s gone bad in the fridge, make sure all house plants are watered enough.

Love for my local community

Make sure to greet everyone with an honest and open smile. If shopping, even if it’s just everyday groceries, only buy locally produced products. Make a list of all that is good in the community, write it down by hand and think for a moment on each point.

Love for my country

Make a list of all that is good in my country, think for a moment on each point. Think about what I personally can do for my country, what I want to do for my country.

Love for humanity

Donate some money to Doctors without borders (and don’t tell anyone unless they actually ask about it, remember the point is not to appear good and generous!). Think about all that is good in humanity, all that I love about humanity!

Love for all that is living

Do something good for the environment, either by donating money or actively helping in some way. During meditation, send my true and honest love to all that is living, be it humans or animals or plants.

Love for the spirits

Make an offering to the spirits of the land. Send my love to my relatives who are no longer among the living. Welcome friendly spirits to my home, bid them share our meal.

Love for the gods

While meditating, connect with Mother and Father and send them all my love. Open up to feel their love for me as well.

On this very day I will also make a special offering to Freya. Flowers, mead and something sweet. I will sing for her and dance for her. I will ask her to joing me in eternal love and walk by my side. I will ask her to let my love echo in the spiritual world, spreading it wide.


There will also be the regular celebration of love… me and my hubby making dinner together, drinking a bit of wine and mead, having a great time and just do whatever feels good…


Will you celebrate love on the 14th? How?




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I decided to consecrate my runes today, after all. I didn’t really like letting them lay around unfinished, yet I’ve been hesitating to do any kind of energy work now that I’m ill. Finally, I decided to do the consecration as planned, but taking it easy and not try to raise energy the way I’ve done in the past.

I mixed my blessed oil with ashes of three bay leaves that I just burned, freshly ground cinnamon and a bit of pepper (rose coloured peppercorns). Bay leaves and cinnamon for divination, wisdom and psychic powers. Pepper for strength.

I then used a needle to draw some blood, just above/to the side of my left knee. Why there? I don’t know really, it just felt right. The tiny wound bled more that I had though, and I hurried to scrape up as much as possible and mix it with the herbs and oil.

(Of course I was very careful to clean the needle in advance, and also held it in a naked flame right before using it to kill of anything nasty. I also cleaned the spot where I was going to poke myself with a desinfectant, both before and after actually, and it’s now covered by a sort of liquid band-aid. Sounds weird but it’s pretty good.)

I then painted the runes with this mix of herbs, blessed oil and my own blood, whilst telling them to be strong and true.

When finished I decided to do a first attempt at divination, or perhaps rather communication with the gods through the runes. I asked Odin what lie in my immediate future, and got the reply through one single rune: othala. The meaning rang true in me, I knew immediately that it reffered to the house we’re about to build, the home it will be.

Almost not daring to ask, I then turned to the mother. The runes wont give a simple yes or no answer, of course, but I still had to know. Though I wasn’t sure how to phrase the question, I wanted to know if I am with child, or at least if I will have children some time soon. Once again I got one single rune as a reply: ingwaz.

Ingwaz. At first I was slightly baffled, not knowing what to make of it. So I reviewed my runic information and my heart jumped. “Male fertility, gestation, inner growth.” I didn’t know what gestation means (english is not my first language!) so I looked it up. Pregnancy. Pregnancy.

My heart was thumping so hard, I could barely believe I got such a positive answer to my question!

And oh, a short note on how I cast the runes. They were laying on a ceremonial plate and I (more or less on a hunch) started to rythmically move it up and down, making the runes jump and dance. When one rune suddenly jumped off the plate and onto the ground I had my answer. Had several runes hurled themselves off the plate I would of course have read them together, but this time I only got one rune for each question. Don’t ask me why I used this technique, it’s not something I’ve read about or anything, it just felt right so that’s what I did.

I don’t want to get my hopes up too much, but I really wish I am pregnant. I am longing so much for a child, we’ve been trying for so long now and now that the house is ready to be built and all… please, let me be with child. I want to trust the runes, ingwaz/gestation was as clear a sign as I could ever hope for, but as I said I don’t want to get my hopes up too much. Well… In a few days we’ll know. And if not this month then maybe the next. But I really hope it’s this month. Ingwaz, pregnancy. Please let it be true.

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