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Today has been a day of both sadness and strength. I have been closing one chapter, left an era of my life behind, and opened up for a new one. There have been tears, many tears, but they have felt good because I knew it was the right decision.

It was right on time. My darling husband cracked, tonight. All the stress got to him, all the exhaustion. He cried, and he fell. I am so glad I was here to hold him and pick him up. It’s time for me to be the strong one now.

When he was broken, crying and drunk, we sat outside and talked. For a long while, just talked. Remembered and felt. Talked about our home. Our connection to the land. And let me tell you, no one listening would ever think him a “cold” atheist. He spoke with such passion about the land, this piece of land, how we belong here, how it is a part of us. It was deeply spiritual in nature.

Before we went inside we went by our little shrine, and offered some beer for the ancestors. Husband poured it onto the altar stone and asked for help.

And then let’s not talk about how he started talking about the four chaos gods from 40k. *cough* I literally had to stop him from calling on Khorne, Slaanesh, Nurgle and Tzeentch. >.> Let’s blame the beer, alright?

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Remember the spot I described in this post here, our little forest “shrine”? Turns out there is a cavity under the altar stone. Hadn’t seen that.

Last night I went out to get the wooden bowl back, that I two weeks ago put out on the altar stone with some oatmeal cookies and raspberries. I expected the bowl to be full of water (it has been raining a lot) and feared the offering in it might be all icky and moldy.

No sight of the bowl, it must have fallen off somehow. I leaned in, looked around the altar stone. No bowl. The BIGGEST wild strawberries I have ever seen, but no bowl. I knelt down and swept the grass away with my hands to get a better look. Oh, there. Hidden behind the grass there was a natural cavity reaching in underneath the great big altar stone. A mini cave. And there it was the wooden bowl. I reached inside and got it out.

The bowl was clean. No sight of the previous offering, no rain, no ick. It was dry and clean, apart from an intense smell of smoked ham.

Smoked ham. Huh. There has been no smoked ham in that bowl for months, a year maybe? And it has been cleaned many times since then. Not to mention it just spent two weeks out in the rain, with oatmeal cakes in it. Huh. I brought it in, silently held it up in front of my husband. He sniffed it. “Smoked… ham?” he guessed. Odd.

That natural cavity under the altar stone is brilliant, by the way. I am just wondering if I should let the archaeologist in me out and investigate if anyone else has put something down there before I start using it for offerings myself, or not…

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Saving the swift!

There is a swift in our home.

A swift, you know, a bird that looks very similar to swallows. Right now there is a juvenile swift right here in our home. 

You see, at lunch time today I called my husband to say hi, when he told me he had just found a bird. A juvenile bird who had apparently tried to fly but not succeeded, and had been crawling around on the road just waiting to be run over. As I called, he was standing with the bird in his hand, wondering what to do.

My darling husband is such a kind person, it just melted my heart to imagine him standing there with a bird, unsure of what to do. He had tried to make it fly but it only crashed again and again. Usually it’s not recommended to pick up juvenile birds, but when it comes to swifts the bird parents never come back for their young once they’ve left the nest, those who fail to fly simply fall down and die. 

My darling described the bird as almost fully grown, and looked unharmed. I told him to bring it with him back to work and then bring it home, and maybe we could give it a chance to live. Since it’s so big it’ll probably just take a day or two until it’ll be able to fly. As we got home we tried again, since it had started to move about in it’s little box, resulting in a couple of head-first-crashes into the ground. Ouch.


So right now the young swift is resting comfortably in a cage otherwise used for our cats. Yes, we have cats. But unbelievable they still haven’t noticed our feathery visitor! Tomorrow we’ll see if we can make it fly again… I’ll get back to you with an update tomorrow!


Love and light




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Hey there, I’m back home again after a couple of hours of hard work, and I thought I should tell you a little bit more about that strange event last night.

First of all, let me say this: I’m pretty sure this was a so-called “supernatural” event. Not that it isn’t natural… I just mean I really can’t find a physical reason for those dark drops to have ended up on me. I was inside in a perfectly dry room. No open windows, no condensation above. I was sitting perfectly still and couldn’t have knocked something over or anything, and I was alone in the room (my Husband was on the second floor) so there was no-one there who could have been teasing. The drops literally came out of nowhere.


Ok, making the assumption that the whole thing was somehow spiritually connected, there are now a number of questions floating in my mind. My gut reaction right after it happened was to sit down an meditate, and see if anything came up. Using the runes to ask for answers also felt like a good idea.


So I sat down and went into meditation, trying to reach both Mother and Father. And also Freya, since she’s come to me recently with some insights. With closed eyes I fingered my bag of runes, and started to ask questions.

Those dark drops… what were they? 

I drew three runes: Ansuz – Wunjo – Thurisaz

The first rune confirms the spiritual nature of the whole event, signalling that they originated in the spiritual or divine realm, and that they might even have been a message. Wunjo points at joy and positive energy, or even love. Thurisaz is connected with male energy, a violent reaction, destruction or change. And of course, the mystical being called the thurs. All together, Ansuz-Wunjo-Thurisaz, the message seems to be rather potent. I’m still reluctant to write up a summary just yet, so hold on.

Next question. From whom?  


Laguz, how appropriate. Basically, it means water. However, just as water in itself is rich in symbolic value, laguz has too. I realize that I formulated my question badly, not being clear on if I meant “who is talking to me now?” or “who sent me the dark drops?” So I asked again, wanting to clear it up.

Who is sending me this information now? Who am I talking to?

Ansuz – Týr

I can’t help smiling. Týr literally means “god”, though it most often refers to the god Týr. As I spontaneously felt for Týr, wondering if it really was him, I got a nice little surprise. A nice tug of recognition, and I realized that Týr is Father. I felt embraced in warm and comforting light. And with the combination ansuz-tyr I felt pretty happy.

So the Laguz I got earlier, am I right to assume that it referred to the origin of the drops, where they came from?


I can only interpret that as a yes, that’s right. (Dagaz representing dawn, insights and breakthroughs)


If the drops were a message, what did they mean? 


Protection? Algiz is also often described as representing the actual link between humans and divine beings, as such also being connected to spiritual awakening and a higher life.


There is one more thing to consider before making any assumptions as to the point of the whole thing. What was I doing when it happened? What was I thinking at the moment?

As I said in this morning’s blog post, the drops appeared as I was reading a website about religion, destiny and messengers in the (absolutely amazing) sci-fi series Battlestar Galactica (seriously, it’s an incredible series and everyone should see it!!!). I was pondering the nature of oracles and occult practices. And just before the first drop appeared I asked myself if it was time for me to offer runic divinations to other people. So far I’ve only done it for myself and my mom, since I haven’t felt competent enough to go public, so to say. But maybe it is time?

Five seconds later the first drop ran down over the computer screen, and a couple of seconds later more drops splashed down on my right leg.

I can’t help thinking the dark drops were a reaction to that which I was thinking and asking myself. Combine that with the indications given by the runes, I’d say it’s pretty certain. Where did the drops come from? Or perhaps the question should have been WHERE did they come from? Laguz, the astral plane. Laguz, spiritual powers. Laguz, the unconscious mind. Laguz, the hidden.

It almost feels as if the dark drops where physical manifestation of that which is Laguz. A little part of the hidden powers dripping into our physical world.

What was that? Ansuz-Wunjo-Thurisaz. A divine message, of joy and great change. Happy thurs. The positive side of the dangerous force that is thurs?

What was the message, what did it all mean? My gut feeling is that there is no great message, but more of a confirmation that a link is established between me and the astral. Algiz, the link between humans and divine beings.

As such, I think I have my answer. I asked if I was ready to serve and use whatever skill I have in divination, to help others communicate with the divine. I think the answer is yes.


That is my gut feeling about all of this weirdness. Does it sound plausible or am I reading way too much into this? Do you have any other interpretations? I am in no way certain of it all, I’m just trying to make sense of a totally weird experience which even threw my scientist and non-believer of a husband (he seemed almost worried, and joked that we were being haunted, but his voice actually sounded kinda serious.)

And if anyone of you want to be my first guinea-pig for runic divination,  raise your hand or shout out loud or send me smoke signals or something. I think it’s time I start doing this.

Love and light


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How did this work?

Ok, here’s a little conundrum I’ve been pondering…

It was summer. I was just a young teen, being harassed by mosquitoes ALL the time and getting LOTS of bites. Finally, one evening, I got sick of it. When the next mosquito landed on my arm and bit me, I just looked at it. And I spoke, from the bottom of my heart: “Hey, you! Let’s make a deal. If you and the rest of your species will just leave me alone, I promise not to hurt any of you.” 

I carefully blew the mosquito off my arm and went to bed. 

And for the next five years not a single mosquito bit me. Not one. Other kinds of insects still did, but not mosquitoes. Not even when in the most mosquito-infested areas where the people around me got heaps of bites.

Then one day, I accidentally killed a mosquito. I didn’t see it sitting on the back of a chair, and I leaned right on it. And just like that, the mosquitoes started biting me again. It’s been some 7-8 years now since then, and though I’ve tried to make a new deal it just wont work again. I just keep getting bitten.

Now here’s what I’ve been pondering. What really happened when I made that first deal? Did I actually connect with the mosquitoes in some way, or the “mosquito spirit”, or did I in fact make a kind of spontaneous spell that really had nothing to do with the bugs in question? What do you think?

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Still pondering the connection between body, mind and soul as well as the connection between the self, nature and the universe. It’s about physical health, mental health, natural health, as well as a healthy nature and a healthy society.

I have some housework to do today, once my cramps ease up (nope, no baby this month either). And I just thought I’d share with you a clever little thing I’ve gotten myself used to… It’s simple yet very difficult. Funny how that works, really… have you ever thought about how many shortcuts one takes in everyday life? I mean physically. A couple of months ago I started to think about it, and work consciously on improving. Scratching your head, wondering what I’m really talking about?

Huh, not sure how to explain it without sounding silly. Ehm… ehm… well… It’s mostly obvious while doing housework. Picking up clean laundry, sorting and folding and putting it away. I used to do it like everybody else, just getting it done. Now I bend forward at the hips as I reach down into the laundry bag, with straight legs and as straight a back as I can manage, I take just one piece of laundry in my hand and then get up the same way, with back straight. When folding and sorting I keep my tummy tight and back straight. Putting away the clothes is done in the same way as picking them up, only folding over from the hip and keeping the core tense. It’s funny, there is no weight being moved around other than my own body, but it definitely gets the muscles in my back working hard, as well as stretching the back of my legs out good. Once the laundry is done I am sweating.

Straightening up, vacuuming and doing the dishes works the same way. Every little movement can either be done the easy way, or the good way. The good way, though hard, is doing it the way you would have done it if it was a strength or stretching excercise. Picking up stuff from the floor means either bending over at the hip to stretch the back of the legs, or doing a proper squat which makes you work the muscles in the legs, butt and core. While doing the dishes the biggest challenge is actually to keep the back straight! After keeping your arms up for a while, lifting and cleaning the dishes, it’s easy to slip into a slouch… but that slouch means you’re not using your core muscles! So no slouch, keep straight, and work the muscles! 

I know, this all sounds so silly… But seriously, try it and unless you’re already very fit you’ll probably feel the burn, just like me! 

Me and hubby moving out to the countryside is also getting closer, and the longing gets worse day by day. Neither of us feel really comfortable in town, and all we wanna do is get out there… While on the fitness topic, I’ve also been longing for nice tough natural workouts… I can’t wait to go running across the fields and through the forest! I wanna climb trees, jump over logs and skip from stone to stone… I wanna crawl through the bushes and carry heavy rocks from one place to the other, or throw them around. No matter how silly it sounds, I just wanna do it. I wanna work with my body the way it’s meant to be used. And whatdoyaknow, I’m not the only one stuck with these kinds of weird workout ideas… have a look at this, isn’t it marvellous?!



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