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Hey guys! I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while, but getting back to work has more or less consumed all of my energy. Last week I began with two hours of work per day, this week I’m up at 4 h/day. It’s still hard, but every day is a little better than the previous.

Today was an unusually good day, with beautiful weather and a good mood. Plus I got into a really interesting conversation with one of my work mates, that I haven’t really chatted with before.

We started talking about religion, first from a historical viewpoint and then from a more personal view. It turned out he’s a devout muslim, and as I asked if it was ok to ask openly about his faith he got real happy. So I asked about how he found his religion (since he hadn’t been raised religous), what he thinks of other religions, what he thinks of fundamentalists and so on. Throughout the discussion I also explained what I think, and we found both differences and similarities in how we think.

Oh how I wish that all islamophobes could have such a conversation! This guy is pretty conservative in his faith, yes. But as he pointed out to me, the Koran says you shall not judge people of different faith. So even though he got momentarily stunned when I said that I am actually a polytheist (that was a fun moment, he really didn’t see that one coming!) he totally accepted my faith. Yeah sure, he still thinks I’m wrong and the Koran is right, but that’s ok. Mutual respect is the shit! =)

Actually, this was the best conversation I’ve had with anyone at work.  Though I’ve considered myself reasonably knowledgeable of different religions, I’ve never before had such an open religious discussion with a muslim. And yes, the  whole thing strengthened that which I’ve thought for years: Islam is not bad. Not at all. As in all other religions there are some assholes who mess things up for the rest, but if you look at what the Koran actually says, it’s actually very accepting. Yeah sure, muslims will generally think that you are in the wrong, if you are of a different faith. But if they are good muslims, they won’t judge you for it. And that’s really all you can ask for, right? For of course it’s ok to think your own religion is the true one. I think my spiritual path is true as well, otherwise none of it would matter.It’s all good, as long as there is mutual respect.

In the end, we agreed to something very important. We are just humans, we don’t see the full picture and we really can’t claim to know the truth. None of us can claim to know the truth, so we should always be humble. There is no point in forcing your faith on others, all must find their own way.

Love and light to you all!



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