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A month ago I did a runic divination on what I would come to face in the month of March. The original blog post is right here.  As today is the first of April, it’s time to look back and see what’s what.

As I’ve said before, I’m still just learning how to use the runes for divination. Thus the point of my readings are not really to “get it right”, but to cast the runes, interpret them as good as I can, and then afterwards look back on what really happened. The main point being the last bit. Only by collecting experiences I can ever learn, I feel.

So a month ago, I cast three runes: Tiwaz, Dagaz and Othala.

If you read the original blog post you’ll know that I was highly confused as to how one should interpret the runes. What especially hit me as problematic was whether or not one should read upside-down runes as reverse, and what to do with runes that landed face down. In the end I felt that the advice given by Lucius Swartwulf best described what I somehow felt was reasonable, and I though it may not make for the easiest way to make accurate readings it’s probably the most correct.

Here’s what Lucius wrote:

As a rule, I tend to just see the runes, the direction isn’t something I pay attention to.

The reason for this is simple and complex. To me, the runes that fall indicate “Fate points” or “Points of Fate” where the threads of wyrd run together. So when Othala happens, it means some even related to Othala will happen. The positive or negative, however, is both a matter of perspective and the result of multiple threads and choices.

This was just what had been brewing within me but I hadn’t been able to formulate! If you wanna talk math, let’s just say that a rune isn’t a point, it’s a line. Or perhaps even a plane.

Anyhow, let’s move on to the actual reading of March. Here’s what sunnyway.com has to say about the three runes in question:

Tiwaz: Honor, justice, leadership and authority. Analysis, rationality. Knowing where one’s true strengths lie. Willingness to self-sacrifice. Victory and success in any competition or in legal matters. Tiwaz Reversed or Merkstave: One’s energy and creative flow are blocked. Mental paralysis, over-analysis, over-sacrifice, injustice, imbalance. Strife, war, conflict, failure in competition. Dwindling passion, difficulties in communication, and possibly separation.

Dagaz:Breakthrough, awakening, awareness. Daylight clarity as opposed to nighttime uncertainty. A time to plan or embark upon an enterprise. The power of change directed by your own will, transformation. Hope/happiness, the ideal. Security and certainty. Growth and release. Balance point, the place where opposites meet. Dagaz Merkstave (Dagaz cannot be reversed, but may lie in opposition): A completion, ending, limit, coming full circle. Blindness, hopelessness.

Othala:Inherited property or possessions, a house, a home. What is truly important to one. Group order, group prosperity. Land of birth, spiritual heritage, experience and fundamental values. Aid in spiritual and physical journeys. Source of safety, increase and abundance. Othala Reversed or Merkstave: Lack of customary order, totalitarianism, slavery, poverty, homelessness. Bad karma, prejudice, clannishness, provincialism. What a man is bound to.

Dagaz is the easiest one to start with, because I really have made a breakthrough this month. Or actually one could argue I’ve had two breakthroughs! First of all, I’ve finally understood that I am a food addict. For real. When I described my situation to a psychologist her eyes widened in amazement and said that it was a textbook example of addiction, and a better description of it than she’d ever heard from a patient. She adviced me to call the eating disorder clinic and ask them to get an appointment ASAP, because the problem is worse than the doctor had previously understood.

Yeah, that’s not easy to digest (pun intended, haha) but at least it the second breakthrough is a bit more pleasant. It’s got to do with mindfulness, and the awareness exercises I’ve immersed myself in.

I really hadn’t expected it to be so lifechanging… and it’s really a huge topic so I think I’ll write a separate blog post about mindfulness later on, or else this will be a humongous block of blog text. =) But yeah, it’s good!

Then what about Tiwaz? Well, what strikes me as the most appropriate is the desription of the reverse. Let’s just say the whole food addiction thing has made me feel temporarily worse and the depression hasn’t let me out of it’s sight.

The last one is Othala, which I think doesn’t point to a specific happening but to our continued passion for the piece of land we’re making our future home. We’ve been out there every weekend working our asses off in an attempt to clear the land in preparation for building house and creating the garden we’ve envisioned. It’s been constantly on our minds, and though we’re still a long way from being able to move, we’ve already put down our roots in that soil. House or no house, that piece of land has become our paradise and there is no place we’d rather be right now. No one else may see the beauty in the oh so scruffy looking land, but to us it couldn’t have been better.

So there you have it, a retrospect interpretation of the runes cast a month ago. Tiwaz – I was to suffer from continued mental imbalance and blockage (depression). Dagaz – I was to have great breakthroughs, especially finally understanding and learning to accept my food addiction. Othala – Working on creating a home for us and our future children, putting down roots in the land we love.

Love and light!

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