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I decided to consecrate my runes today, after all. I didn’t really like letting them lay around unfinished, yet I’ve been hesitating to do any kind of energy work now that I’m ill. Finally, I decided to do the consecration as planned, but taking it easy and not try to raise energy the way I’ve done in the past.

I mixed my blessed oil with ashes of three bay leaves that I just burned, freshly ground cinnamon and a bit of pepper (rose coloured peppercorns). Bay leaves and cinnamon for divination, wisdom and psychic powers. Pepper for strength.

I then used a needle to draw some blood, just above/to the side of my left knee. Why there? I don’t know really, it just felt right. The tiny wound bled more that I had though, and I hurried to scrape up as much as possible and mix it with the herbs and oil.

(Of course I was very careful to clean the needle in advance, and also held it in a naked flame right before using it to kill of anything nasty. I also cleaned the spot where I was going to poke myself with a desinfectant, both before and after actually, and it’s now covered by a sort of liquid band-aid. Sounds weird but it’s pretty good.)

I then painted the runes with this mix of herbs, blessed oil and my own blood, whilst telling them to be strong and true.

When finished I decided to do a first attempt at divination, or perhaps rather communication with the gods through the runes. I asked Odin what lie in my immediate future, and got the reply through one single rune: othala. The meaning rang true in me, I knew immediately that it reffered to the house we’re about to build, the home it will be.

Almost not daring to ask, I then turned to the mother. The runes wont give a simple yes or no answer, of course, but I still had to know. Though I wasn’t sure how to phrase the question, I wanted to know if I am with child, or at least if I will have children some time soon. Once again I got one single rune as a reply: ingwaz.

Ingwaz. At first I was slightly baffled, not knowing what to make of it. So I reviewed my runic information and my heart jumped. “Male fertility, gestation, inner growth.” I didn’t know what gestation means (english is not my first language!) so I looked it up. Pregnancy. Pregnancy.

My heart was thumping so hard, I could barely believe I got such a positive answer to my question!

And oh, a short note on how I cast the runes. They were laying on a ceremonial plate and I (more or less on a hunch) started to rythmically move it up and down, making the runes jump and dance. When one rune suddenly jumped off the plate and onto the ground I had my answer. Had several runes hurled themselves off the plate I would of course have read them together, but this time I only got one rune for each question. Don’t ask me why I used this technique, it’s not something I’ve read about or anything, it just felt right so that’s what I did.

I don’t want to get my hopes up too much, but I really wish I am pregnant. I am longing so much for a child, we’ve been trying for so long now and now that the house is ready to be built and all… please, let me be with child. I want to trust the runes, ingwaz/gestation was as clear a sign as I could ever hope for, but as I said I don’t want to get my hopes up too much. Well… In a few days we’ll know. And if not this month then maybe the next. But I really hope it’s this month. Ingwaz, pregnancy. Please let it be true.

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Do you know what that means? It’s like clairvoyance, but you pick up the information by smelling it, not seeing it.

I’ve been planning to learn how to cleanse my home… especially once I move to our own house I want to be able to really purify and cleanse both the actual house and the ground itself. So I started lookin around on etsy for those nice smudges that I’ve read about. Not only did I find those out of sage, but also with other herbs.

That’s when I noticed it. A certain smell, both pleasant and intense. Strange, yet slightly familiar.

When I switched the page and looked at gemstones instead the fragrance immediately vanished. That’s when I realized the fragrance I’d just felt probably wasn’t physically present in the room. Curious, I once again searched for “smudges” and went to look on an etsy store with lots of incense, smudges and herbs… and there it was again, that same smell! I kept looking around, and the fragrance remained. Until I closed that window and opened this wordpress page in order to write this post. Hmm…

So I’m guessing it’s a sign telling me I’m onto something here. Either that, or my brain is running wild here. =) Anyhow, clairalience or not, I think I’ll try and get a hold of some sage leaves…



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