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Her name popped up in my mind last night. I blinked, shook my head, and wondered why. I have never ever felt myself drawn to Hellenistic deities.


I got confused. I hadn’t been reading about her, or hearing about her, or anything. In fact my mind mainly associates her with that silly old Hercules tv-show, in which Hera is portrayed as all evil and nasty, murdering innocents.

Then why the heck did I suddenly feel a pull towards her? A need to acknowledge her and bring offerings.

I jumped up from the couch and immediately prepared a small offering of pineapple and a bit of home baked bread. I looked for a candle but couldn’t find any that hadn’t already been lit, and it didn’t feel right to let Hera share a candle with others, at least not at first contact. So no candle, ok that would have to do.

I sat down on my usual spot on the living room floor, centered myself, and called out to Hera. I gave my offering. I told her about the surprise and confusion I experienced, not knowing why I suddenly had felt compelled to acknowledge her. I asked her to bless me and my family, bless my marriage and help us get pregnant.

That’s all. Afterwards I felt calm but still a bit surprised at the whole thing. =)

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