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A couple of summers ago I worked in an old ruin. It’s history is extremely interesting, having started out as a royal castle (build in the 16th century) yet ended as a prison (in the 19th century).

When I came there for my first day of work I met my boss for a bit of tidying up. The place was known as a “haunted” place, and my boss had led visitors around on “ghost tour” for years. Yet, she herself had never actually experienced anything paranormal, though of course she would never admit that to the visitors… To be honest, she seemed to simply use the history of the place for making money, without actually believing any of it for myself.

As she told me of the ghost stories I smiled and said it would be interesting to see if I would meet a ghost, since I’ve seemed to attract such activities in the past… A minute or so later, what do think happened?

Right above us, the wooden ceiling got quite the beating from above. First a couple of heavy footsteps, and then a really heavy jumping. Both me and my boss stopped and looked up, dust falling down on us. It sounded like a really heavy person jumping up and down like crazy. Then suddenly, it was all gone.

I asked my boss what was up there, wondering who the heck that could be? She, jaw dropped and looking rather pale, shook her haid and said that there was nothing up there. But, I asked, how do you get up there? She kept shaking her head and explained that no, you really couldn’t get up there!

It wasn’t until that point I realized this may have been something paranormal. At this point both of us dropped all the cleaning equipment and ran up on the roof, making sure that there were no kids climbing around up there some way. We went up, going through a locked door (which was the only way up there) and went out in the fresh air. This was during the day, in bright sunlight. In other words there was great visibility, and there clearly wasn’t another living being around. And while we couldn’t actually get up on the roof where the jumping had been, we could see it and I can’t see anyway anyone could have gotten over there. Just to make sure, I ran over to the other side of the courtyard, where a bunch of guys were hanging out. Though they weren’t close enough to have been involved, they would perhaps have seen anyone? But no, they said they hadn’t seen anyone climbing around on the castle ruin.

After that, my boss turned a believer. Later during the summer, as I was alone at work, I also heard singing echoing from somewhere in the ruin, when there in fact was no one there.

On a side note, I actually think my boss got a bit too into the whole ghostly thing, thinking that everything had to do with ghosts. She even brought in a proffesional medium, who got all amazed by a brick laying on the floor where it wasn’t supposed to be. The medium was dead sure that a ghost had moved the brick into that position, and my boss was amazed. Both were very disappointed when I explained that no, I had put that brick there the day before while preparing the area for a concert. At that moment, I felt like such a sceptic! Haha, the whole thing makes me smile… because though I’ve encountered several ghosts or spirits, and experienced a whole lot of weird stuff, I still refuse to be naive. And just because my boss wanted me to come up with more scary stuff so that she could make more money out of the place, I would not let my imagination run wild. Because why would I? Reality is fascinating enough. Someone jumping heavily on the roof above us, where you couldn’t actually get up? And the sound of singing coming from an empty ruin? Good enough for me. =)

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