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Working on raising my defenses against negative energy/influence, I have been reading a lot about the properties of various semi-precious stones. Most of this knowledge wasn’t really new, as my mother taught me a whole lot on the subject already when I was a kid. However, much of that knowledge has become somewhat blurred, and I find it strengthens me to re-discover it.

I have quite a collection of stone beads left from when I used to make jewlery. Amethyst, jade, carnelion, tiger’s eye, rose quartz… And today I also bought a small pack of onyx beads, and a whole string of hematite chips. I would of course have preferred to have larger stones… but for now it will have to do.

I also rummaged through my jewlery box and pulled up an amber pendant, a ring set with a piece of amber, a jade pendant, and a pendant I once made containing little beads of rose quartz and jade. Then there was the gorgeous necklace and matching earrings (my husband’s parents got them for me after their visit to China) made out of a whole lot of rather big, red stones. Not sure what kind, actually. At first I thought it was an unusually dark kind of carnelion… but now I don’t think so. Looks more like red jasper, I think.

All these gems I have worn at different times of my life, and all have also spent quite a lot of time just laying around. So before anything else, I felt I needed to cleanse them of any residual energy from the past.

I got down in front of my makeshift altar (a rather large wooden box with a flat top that I use to store all my spiritual goodies and candles in) and set up the Mother’s candle, and the Father’s candle.

I lit their candles and asked for their presence.

Two blue glass bowls with water I placed on the altar. I wish I had more bowls available but two would have to do. I asked the Mother to bless the water.

Holding some salt in my hand, I asked the Father to bless the salt with his power. I then mixed the salt with the water.

The salt water gave off a very good vibe and truly felt blessed. Not wanting to simply wipe the water from my finger’s (it felt like such a waste) I smeared some on my own forehead, asking the Mother and Father to bless me. And some I smeared on my belly, asking them to bless my womb and help me conceive.

I then picked up the different gem stones, held them up and whispered at each an every one: With the power of the Mother and the Father, I cleanse you.

Carefully I placed the larger pieces (the ones I think is red jasper) in one bown, and the smaller pieces in the other.

Putting my hands over the bowls, palms down, I was struck by an unexpected sense of… well not power, really, that just sounds too big. No, it was more of a light and bubbly something radiating from underneath my hands. It was very obvious that something was going on there, and I have no doubt in my mind that the gems will be cleansed better than I could have hoped for.

When I finally withdrew my hands I was still amazed by the feeling, and didn’t really want to let go just yet.

Moving my hands towards eachother I willed energy to appear, as I have done before. And it came quickly, a slightly bouncy resistance in the “empty” space between my hands, growing larger for every breath I let out. It grew faster and bigger than ever before, and I revelled in the feeling. I analyzed every bit of the sensation, noticing how the energy shrunk slightly when I breathed in, how it was such a clear resistance when I tried to push my hands closer together and wondering exactly what the energy was. And now that it was growing so quickly between my hands, I mainly wondered what the heck I could do with it!   Not being able to figure it out, I eventually let it go, enjoying a quick sensation of it enveloping my head for a moment before it disappeared.

Some day I have to figure out what one can actually do with such a bouncy ball of energy. And how to do anything with it, except just enjoying the feel of it between my hands! Any suggestions?

I want to thank the Mother and Father so much for tonight’s experience. For the last day or so I’ve been wondering if I have any potential to do magic at all, or if I am only gifted with passive skills such as prophetic dreaming and such, and I was so afraid of being met with blank as I tried to work with the gems. But now I feel only joyful and empowered. I asked the Mother and Father to bless the water and salt, and they did. I know it, I could feel it in the very essence of the water. And placing the gems in the water and speaking those words I know I did something. A little bit of my own power willed them to be cleansed. As I felt the light and tingling energy I knew that I had just performed just a tiny bit of magic. That makes me so happy I can’t even describe it, and after trying to type an appropriate sentence about it 15 times or so I am just going to leave it at that. Happy happy joy joy! =)


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