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Whipped cream. A bowl of whipped cream, with something in it. I eat some. I eat some more. 

What’s in the whipped cream? I look closer. Ticks. Still living, wiggling, blood filled ticks. 

I stop eating, feeling sick. 

An unusually disgusting nightmare. I can still feel the ticks wiggling around in my mouth before popping. Absolutely distusting. How would I interpret it? Ahah, that’s a fun one. The meaning is quite clear to me, actually. It’s not something profound and solemn, it’s not grand and spiritual. This is not prophecy, this is communication.

“Think of this when you see whipped cream. It’s disgusting, you don’t want to eat it.”

I love whipped cream. I could seriously eat bowl fulls of it. But with this dream fresh in memory the idea of eating whipped cream makes my stomach turn. Disgusting but very practical for me who needs to NOT eat such. Yuck. Uuäääh. No whipped cream, please.

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I was outside, it was in the late evening and it was just starting to get dark. My husband was right there next to me, standing on a ladder up against the garage, working on something. As I looked out over the fields surrounding our house I saw something.

Little people. Like humans only much smaller, I thought. Shadow figures, two of them, holding hands as they made their way down a little slope. I wondered if they were land spirits.

The shadow figures came closer, started running across the field towards us. As they came closer I saw that they were children. A girl in a summer dress and her hair in two braids, and a little boy holding her hand. Three, maybe four years old? Ghost figures.

Amazed at the sight I crouched down to get down to their level and held out a hand towards them. They were smiling, running together towards our house as if coming home. Not noticing me, they ran straight through me.

I stood up and looked around. They were gone, I couldn’t see them any more. Happy and amazed I looked up at my husband and tried to explain. “Either I am not entirely awake and imagining things, or I just saw two ghosts!”

And then I woke up. The emotion was still happy and intense. I had to wake up the husband and tell him, and when I did my eyes grew moist.

My dreams are returning.

The husband told me that last night I had been talking in my sleep too. Haven’t done that in several years. I had been speaking English, almost arguing, being very assertive, but he couldn’t quite hear what I said. That must be coming back too.

I don’t quite dare hope that the dream was more than just my subconscious expressing how much I long for children so let’s not get into that. But it was beautiful.

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Last night I dreamt we found out i was pregnant. Please let this be a precog dream!  I’ve had  a bit of an upswing in precog dreams the last weeks so I wouldn’t be surprised, but at the same time I’ve been disappointed so many times…

Speaking of such, my mom and mother-in-law were chatting yesterday and drifted into the subject of precog dreams. Mom-in-law asked mom if she too sees the future in her dreams. Mom nodded and said that yes, it seems to run in our family.  “She got it from me, I got it from my father, he got it from his mother…”

At this point I jumped into the conversation, I just had to ask. “Did grandpa really have those kinds of dreams as well? I never knew, he didn’t tell me!”

Mom looked at me with a hint of sorrow in her eyes and explained that he did, yes. “He dreamt of me and what would come to be, but it was sad stuff that he didn’t want to share with everyone.”

I think mom is right about  where this “talent” comes from, though I am surprised to hear that grandpa would tell his daughter of such things. After all, he was such a practical and rational man! I remember once when he was still alive, when I asked him if he’d had any ghostly encounters in their old summer cottage (where both me and mom had experienced creepy ghostly things!) and he just laughed and refused to admit to such things being real. Yet mom had already told me that grandpa had in fact also experienced the haunting on at least one occasion. Which got me all confused, wondering if grandpa just wasn’t comfortable admitting that such things exist, especially to his teenage grandchild, or if mom had read too much into things? If so, what about him having precog dreams? Did he really or did mom just read too much into things because she wants our talent to have been inherited by her beloved father?

I’m still not sure of what I think of that whole question.  Though grandpa was definitely a practical and down-to-earth who never ever mentioned things like spirituality, fellow there were definitely sides to him that he kept to himself. For example, there was the dowsing rod. When I was just a kid asking lots of questions he told me how people in the past could locate water in the ground by using a wooden dowsing rod.

I still remember the light in his eyes and the fire in his voice when he told me about how magnificent his mother had been with it, describing how she got such a strong result that the rod almost

twisted out of her hands! When he said that he had inherited the ability but not as strongly I jumped up and down with excitement and begged him to show me.

So he located a suitable branch from a nearby tree and cut it into shape, and taught me how to use it. We found that I too had inherited the ability, and I had almost as strong a reaction as his mother had had. I also learned that my mom too had the ability, which made very happy, but that I seemed to be a bit stronger than her.

After a lot of practice that day I talked grandpa into doing a blind-test. Then I went out on a huge lawn on my own and searched for water, noting exactly where I got a response from the rod. Then I brought grandpa out onto the lawn and asked him to find water as well. After about a minute he had located that same stream, running exactly where I too had found it. After that there was no doubt in my mind that the dowsing ability was very real indeed.

There is much more to say about the dowsing rod but I think I will leave it there for now. Let me just conclude that I do believe mom was right, the ability we share probably came from grandpa and his mother. As I have told you before, I met her spirit at grandpa’s deathbed, and at the very moment he died she came to me with that message. In other words, she has at least occasionally been with us even after death, which makes me very very happy. I hope too meet her again some day!

I must also say that I am very happy that my mother-in-law sees my ability for what it is. She is a highly realistic, educated and practical woman, whom no-one would think believe in such things. But she takes my precog-dreams as a matter-of-fact, and I love her for it. She seems to have a slight ability herself (or not so slight, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just for the most part dormant) which is probably why she accepts my ability so easily. Now if she could just pass along that insight to her son… 😉 My hubby respects me and my beliefs, but does not belive in these abilities at all. He’s too much of a scientist. But hey, that’s probably just good, keeping me grounded and retaining a healthy scepticism!

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Since yesterday we are visiting my hubbies mother and father, celebrating Christmas together. And last night, I must say, was a very busy night! I dreamt more in one night than most people dreamt in a week, I think. =) And one of those dreams, a fun little precog dream, I thought I’d share with you.

In the dream my father-in-law came home with a fake bird he’d just bought. He was so proud and thought our cats would love it. He pushed a button or something and a horribly shrill singing started. The rest of us protested and claimed that that nasty sound would just frighten the cats! 

I woke up. Ate breakfast with the family. And then suddenly heard a horrible fake bird song. Turns out my father-in-law had really bought such a fake bird, and the song was nasty and shrill, and it did frighten the heck out of the cats! Poor darlings got so scared… Caspar hid under the sofa for several hours afterwards…

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Let me leave the question of health and fasting to tomorrow, and instead talk a bit about dreams and how to interpret them.  First of all, let me say that YES, I have read a lot of dream interpretation theories. From Freud and Jung to new age theorists contra modern psychology. In the end I always rely on my own experiences during the years where I kept a detailed diary of all of my dreams. Tonight, I thought I’d share some of my experiences with you. Feel free to comment, I would be happy to hear your thoughts on the subject as well!

To understand my way of “reading” dreams, you should understand that I see most dreams as a collaboration between me and my subconscious, wherein I supply the language and the subconscious supplies the actual content.

Sometimes the use of symbols is heavy and easily interpreted. Here’s an example of a dream completely STACKED with symbolism:

I am in a world that isn’t really real. I am Superman’s woman, and while he flies around and plants seeds I really just try to get him to sleep with me. Our housekeeper is a woman dressed in the blue dress of Yemaya, she is the Ocean.

A stranger appears, a woman that I immediately understand is dangerous. She breaths at us and makes us go all stiff. The evil woman commands the Ocean to kill me and Superman, and poor Ocean has no choice but to try and obey. Luckily, Superman manage to break free of the spell and kills Ocean.

The evil woman comes back, with a whole group of people, outnumbering us completely. One of the men is handsome, with golden skin and a shaved head. He is also huge… he’s the leader of a great people, and very dangerous. 

I approach him and offer my services. As the king he may sleep with whoever he chooses, and if I can just be alone with him I will try to assassinate him…

He brings me to “the Blood Room”, a very small room with red marble walls, and we have sex. But then he leaves before I get the chance to kill him. He is already bored with me.


Now what to make of this little drama? I can think of several ways to interpret this. Boiling it down to a short summary is often helpful:

I wish to have sex with superman. Ocean is our housekeeper. The evil woman makes Ocean try to kill us, but Superman manages to kill her first. I try to kill our enemy by sleeping with him. I fail.

Which could be translated as…

I am connected to the greater power, or God, and I wish to learn from him/create with him. An outside influence makes my emotions, which really should be working for me, attack me. The greater power intervenes and saves me, but at a great emotional cost. I find what rules that bad, outside influence, and I think that the only way to fight back is to join it. That doesn’t work out, I just sacrifice more of myself.

I could also interpret this on a grander scale:

The Godess, (Earth or Gaia, represented by me as a woman) is in union with the God (represented by Superman).  Ocean, or Yemaya, is another entity, below the divine couple but still beyond anything human. If necessary, the God has the power to subdue Ocean. There is also another power (the dangerous, golden king), seductive beautiful yet very deadly. His representatives attempt to destroy the simple, natural and good life. The Godess, Earth, winds up copulating with the Golden King in order to save herself, to fight back. But he gets bored and leaves her in ruin.

Is this all about how humanity abuses the earth? Could the golden man and his people represent humanity? Causing the ocean to die, and using the earth for selfish pleasure?

I should probably go with the first interpretation, where the whole dream is about me and my emotional life. Yet I actually feel the latter interpretation resonating more deeply with me and my understanding of the world. This dream was so grand, the symbols used were so big and important… I might be wrong (of course!) but I really do think this dream reveals how my subconscious views the world. Or what do you think?




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