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Last night I dreamt we found out i was pregnant. Please let this be a precog dream!  I’ve had  a bit of an upswing in precog dreams the last weeks so I wouldn’t be surprised, but at the same time I’ve been disappointed so many times…

Speaking of such, my mom and mother-in-law were chatting yesterday and drifted into the subject of precog dreams. Mom-in-law asked mom if she too sees the future in her dreams. Mom nodded and said that yes, it seems to run in our family.  “She got it from me, I got it from my father, he got it from his mother…”

At this point I jumped into the conversation, I just had to ask. “Did grandpa really have those kinds of dreams as well? I never knew, he didn’t tell me!”

Mom looked at me with a hint of sorrow in her eyes and explained that he did, yes. “He dreamt of me and what would come to be, but it was sad stuff that he didn’t want to share with everyone.”

I think mom is right about  where this “talent” comes from, though I am surprised to hear that grandpa would tell his daughter of such things. After all, he was such a practical and rational man! I remember once when he was still alive, when I asked him if he’d had any ghostly encounters in their old summer cottage (where both me and mom had experienced creepy ghostly things!) and he just laughed and refused to admit to such things being real. Yet mom had already told me that grandpa had in fact also experienced the haunting on at least one occasion. Which got me all confused, wondering if grandpa just wasn’t comfortable admitting that such things exist, especially to his teenage grandchild, or if mom had read too much into things? If so, what about him having precog dreams? Did he really or did mom just read too much into things because she wants our talent to have been inherited by her beloved father?

I’m still not sure of what I think of that whole question.  Though grandpa was definitely a practical and down-to-earth who never ever mentioned things like spirituality, fellow there were definitely sides to him that he kept to himself. For example, there was the dowsing rod. When I was just a kid asking lots of questions he told me how people in the past could locate water in the ground by using a wooden dowsing rod.

I still remember the light in his eyes and the fire in his voice when he told me about how magnificent his mother had been with it, describing how she got such a strong result that the rod almost

twisted out of her hands! When he said that he had inherited the ability but not as strongly I jumped up and down with excitement and begged him to show me.

So he located a suitable branch from a nearby tree and cut it into shape, and taught me how to use it. We found that I too had inherited the ability, and I had almost as strong a reaction as his mother had had. I also learned that my mom too had the ability, which made very happy, but that I seemed to be a bit stronger than her.

After a lot of practice that day I talked grandpa into doing a blind-test. Then I went out on a huge lawn on my own and searched for water, noting exactly where I got a response from the rod. Then I brought grandpa out onto the lawn and asked him to find water as well. After about a minute he had located that same stream, running exactly where I too had found it. After that there was no doubt in my mind that the dowsing ability was very real indeed.

There is much more to say about the dowsing rod but I think I will leave it there for now. Let me just conclude that I do believe mom was right, the ability we share probably came from grandpa and his mother. As I have told you before, I met her spirit at grandpa’s deathbed, and at the very moment he died she came to me with that message. In other words, she has at least occasionally been with us even after death, which makes me very very happy. I hope too meet her again some day!

I must also say that I am very happy that my mother-in-law sees my ability for what it is. She is a highly realistic, educated and practical woman, whom no-one would think believe in such things. But she takes my precog-dreams as a matter-of-fact, and I love her for it. She seems to have a slight ability herself (or not so slight, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just for the most part dormant) which is probably why she accepts my ability so easily. Now if she could just pass along that insight to her son… 😉 My hubby respects me and my beliefs, but does not belive in these abilities at all. He’s too much of a scientist. But hey, that’s probably just good, keeping me grounded and retaining a healthy scepticism!

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