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It is something I come across so very often in the online polytheistic “community”. Blog posts describing chit chat with the this or that God, in which the God is portrayed as well, the writer’s best buddy. Where the God is said to chat in a very human way, and one pretty much gets the impression that the writer has a direct casual chat line with the Divine, and the Divine speaks to them just like how a human buddy would.

I try very hard not to judge. It is not my place, and it is not like I can judge what is true, what is false, what is imagination, what is spot on exact and what is creative interpretations anyway. There is no way I can tell anyone that their experiences are wrong. I can only look to myself, to my beliefs and my experiences.

Part of me thinks I shouldn’t even write this, since I know that some might take offense. But it is a recurring thought that I finally decided to be worth a little blog post. So first, let me apologize if this ruffles any feathers. Know that I am speaking in rather general terms, and I know very well that I can not say anything about your experiences specifically, and I do not claim that you are wrong.

But this is what I think.

The Gods are not like us. They are not our incorporeal buddies hanging out with us, ready whenever for casual chit chat. They are powers beyond our comprehension and we should be careful about humanizing them to the degree that we lose touch of reality.

Humans have an amazing ability to interpret input in ways that are familiar to us. We make sense of what we see, hear and feel by subconsciously translating it into words and sights that are compatible with our expectations and comprehension. This is not limited to spiritual life, this is very much present in our mundane and physical existence too. We see with out eyes, but only really see some – while the rest is filled in by our brains in our interpretation of the input. We are bombarded with input, signals from the world around us, which our minds make sense of. We work constantly at interpreting and translating the signals into something understandable, whether or not we are talking about what we see, hear, smell, taste or feel.

It is the same with our spiritual experiences, whether we are talking about divination, communication with spirits, communication with the Divine, and so on. There is input, and there is our interpretation of the signal. Never forget that last bit, our interpretation of the signal.

To make up a completely fictive example of a conversation between a human (let’s call her Anna) and a God (pick a God, any God)….

Anna: Are you there?

God: Hey! Yeah I’m here, just keeping an eye on you. 

Anna: I’m trying to figure out what kind of offering to bring you. Would you like meat or fruit? Or flowers maybe?

God: I’m in the mood for meat. A rare steak, please!

Reading polytheists blogs, these kinds of conversations with the Divine is actually relatively common. Some experience actually hearing the words of the God, some feel them. For some the signal seems clear, for some it is more fuzzy. Either way, we can’t forget that our perception of the experience is filtered through our minds, and while a person may perceive actual words being spoken by the God, it is entirely possible that the word never was spoken by the God in the first place, that the God doesn’t speak in words at all but that the words are our interpretation of the Divine signal.

So look at that example above. What did the God actually say? It’s pretty much impossible for an outsider to judge. But potentially it really went something like this:

Anna: Are you there?

The God doesn’t speak, but is present and Anna is able to pick up on His energy. 

Anna: I’m trying to figure out what kind of offering to bring you. Would you like meat or fruit? Or flowers maybe?

The God again doesn’t speak, but there is a slight signal indicating meat. Anna’s linguistic sense, combined with her perception of the God’s personality, combined with her skill (or lack of skill) in interpreting a non-physical signal, translates this into the dinner order: rare steak.

So what do I see, when someone retells a conversation they have had with a God, is this. At the core there may be an actual signal, but it is filtered and reshaped through the human’s mind. I personally am not too fond of interpretations of the signal that humanizes the God too much, because while it still may be true, it is also very coloured by the human picking up the signal. Anna may be completely right in her interpretation of her conversation with the Divine even though the words are her own. And while I respect Anna, I am more interested in the signal she is picking up on, than her human interpretations/additions of that signal.

I see how this has a very practical function. The Gods can be hard to understand, even if you do manage to pick up the signal. Translating the signal to our human way of communicating is probably a coping mechanism we need to even be able to understand them. But there is also a risk in it. It can easily lead us to humanize the Gods, to forget that they are not in fact like us only more powerful and without physical bodies, which in turn can lead to false expectations and heart break when reality doesn’t match what our perception – since the perception is so very connected to our interpretation.

I am not claiming that anyone’s experiences are false. But I do claim that us humans interpret the signal in ways that make sense to us, and the way we interpret it can cause a true message to be warped. Or misunderstood. Or perhaps picked up picked up spot on. But the more of the human I see in the words of the Gods, the more layers of humanity I expect to have to peel away in order to get to the true core.

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I approached Odin in a different manner this time. Yes, for one thing I didn’t give Him sweet strawberries and cocoa, I gave him beer. What I said to Him I will not repeat here but it felt right.

So, I cast the runes. Three runes that together shaped an answer to the question Journey asked, and while I still haven’t heard back I feel strangely confident. Might still be entirely wrong, of course. But I don’t think so.

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Well now I am embarrassed.

I sat down to read the runes for another Journey, who was kind to let me practice with a runic reading for her.

I am sorry, Journey. I don’t have an answer yet. *shuffles awkwardly*

I sat down, lit Odin’s candle and asked for his presence and guidance. I am just learning to understand the runes, and I asked as humbly as I could for his help.

The offerings I brought to him were all wrong, I felt it the moment I put them down. Taking simply what I myself thought tasted nice, and not really thinking about what HE would like… I gave him strawberries. And cocoa. And dried dates.

Yes, I am embarrassed now. As I offered the oh so sweet food it felt as though I could hear him.

Beer. Sausages. Beer. Offer me what you would have offered your man. Beer. 

I stared at the strawberries and I quite possibly blushed. It was so silly, all wrong.

I am a MAN.

Beer and sausages, I promised him. I’m sorry, I will bring you beer and sausages next time. A vague sense of amusement trickled my way but I carried on.

I cast the runes. All while I was doing it, a deer stood maybe 30 meters away from me, barking like crazy. I cast the runes. Gibberish. It didn’t make sense. I don’t think I have ever cast the runes and so clearly felt that it didn’t mean anything.

That vague amusement.


*sigh* I will need offer him beer. Beer and that particular kind of sausage that my husband likes. I feel silly now, I am sorry Odin. I knew it as soon as I pulled the strawberries out of the fridge, that it wasn’t what you wanted, but lazy me couldn’t be arsed with getting something else. Thank you, though, for being there. I felt your presence, and that means more to me than whether or not I could manage to read the runes or not.

Journey, I will try to answer your question as soon as I have brought Odin some proper offerings!

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Would you be willing to help me learn and develop, by letting me read the runes for you regarding a specific issue? 

Yes, that means I am offering divination services. No, it does not mean I can claim to be competent.

It means I am learning and expect to get it wrong as often as I get it right, but I am at the point where I just need more experience to improve.

Why do I at all believe I can do this?

While I am not particularly experienced in divination, I do have a history of spontaneous precognition as well as a strong urge to further develop a connection with the spiritual realm. I have had promising experiences in the past and it feels right, I just need practice.

What am I looking for here?

Anyone willing to let me read the runes for them in answer of a question. Not too specific – I really am not at the level where I could point out where you forgot your keys, no. Not too wide a question either though, if any answer is as true as the next well then it won’t really work. Because what I humbly ask is for your feedback afterwards. Did I get it right? What did I get wrong? Did anything strike you as especially noteworthy? I am learning here, and I will need that feedback.

Will I tell the world about it?

I won’t tell a soul who has asked what, or anything specific. Might say something here on the blog about how I am progressing but nothing that can be tied to you specicially unless you clearly state it’s alright for me to post some interesting detail.

What kind of question again?

Not names and numbers. That means no lottery numbers, phone numbers or the name of your beloved pet. I am just not equipped to pick up that specific information (yet?).

If it regards the future, please have it be the NEAR future, such as next week. Otherwise it’ll just be damn hard to get feedback while it is still relevant.

Not Yes/No questions. Call me ignorant but I still just have not found a good way to handle such with the runes.

Alright, how?

Leave me a message, let me know you are interested and I will get back to you asap. You can reach me at journeymaid.@gmail.com or just write me here on the blog!

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Hey there, I’m back home again after a couple of hours of hard work, and I thought I should tell you a little bit more about that strange event last night.

First of all, let me say this: I’m pretty sure this was a so-called “supernatural” event. Not that it isn’t natural… I just mean I really can’t find a physical reason for those dark drops to have ended up on me. I was inside in a perfectly dry room. No open windows, no condensation above. I was sitting perfectly still and couldn’t have knocked something over or anything, and I was alone in the room (my Husband was on the second floor) so there was no-one there who could have been teasing. The drops literally came out of nowhere.


Ok, making the assumption that the whole thing was somehow spiritually connected, there are now a number of questions floating in my mind. My gut reaction right after it happened was to sit down an meditate, and see if anything came up. Using the runes to ask for answers also felt like a good idea.


So I sat down and went into meditation, trying to reach both Mother and Father. And also Freya, since she’s come to me recently with some insights. With closed eyes I fingered my bag of runes, and started to ask questions.

Those dark drops… what were they? 

I drew three runes: Ansuz – Wunjo – Thurisaz

The first rune confirms the spiritual nature of the whole event, signalling that they originated in the spiritual or divine realm, and that they might even have been a message. Wunjo points at joy and positive energy, or even love. Thurisaz is connected with male energy, a violent reaction, destruction or change. And of course, the mystical being called the thurs. All together, Ansuz-Wunjo-Thurisaz, the message seems to be rather potent. I’m still reluctant to write up a summary just yet, so hold on.

Next question. From whom?  


Laguz, how appropriate. Basically, it means water. However, just as water in itself is rich in symbolic value, laguz has too. I realize that I formulated my question badly, not being clear on if I meant “who is talking to me now?” or “who sent me the dark drops?” So I asked again, wanting to clear it up.

Who is sending me this information now? Who am I talking to?

Ansuz – Týr

I can’t help smiling. Týr literally means “god”, though it most often refers to the god Týr. As I spontaneously felt for Týr, wondering if it really was him, I got a nice little surprise. A nice tug of recognition, and I realized that Týr is Father. I felt embraced in warm and comforting light. And with the combination ansuz-tyr I felt pretty happy.

So the Laguz I got earlier, am I right to assume that it referred to the origin of the drops, where they came from?


I can only interpret that as a yes, that’s right. (Dagaz representing dawn, insights and breakthroughs)


If the drops were a message, what did they mean? 


Protection? Algiz is also often described as representing the actual link between humans and divine beings, as such also being connected to spiritual awakening and a higher life.


There is one more thing to consider before making any assumptions as to the point of the whole thing. What was I doing when it happened? What was I thinking at the moment?

As I said in this morning’s blog post, the drops appeared as I was reading a website about religion, destiny and messengers in the (absolutely amazing) sci-fi series Battlestar Galactica (seriously, it’s an incredible series and everyone should see it!!!). I was pondering the nature of oracles and occult practices. And just before the first drop appeared I asked myself if it was time for me to offer runic divinations to other people. So far I’ve only done it for myself and my mom, since I haven’t felt competent enough to go public, so to say. But maybe it is time?

Five seconds later the first drop ran down over the computer screen, and a couple of seconds later more drops splashed down on my right leg.

I can’t help thinking the dark drops were a reaction to that which I was thinking and asking myself. Combine that with the indications given by the runes, I’d say it’s pretty certain. Where did the drops come from? Or perhaps the question should have been WHERE did they come from? Laguz, the astral plane. Laguz, spiritual powers. Laguz, the unconscious mind. Laguz, the hidden.

It almost feels as if the dark drops where physical manifestation of that which is Laguz. A little part of the hidden powers dripping into our physical world.

What was that? Ansuz-Wunjo-Thurisaz. A divine message, of joy and great change. Happy thurs. The positive side of the dangerous force that is thurs?

What was the message, what did it all mean? My gut feeling is that there is no great message, but more of a confirmation that a link is established between me and the astral. Algiz, the link between humans and divine beings.

As such, I think I have my answer. I asked if I was ready to serve and use whatever skill I have in divination, to help others communicate with the divine. I think the answer is yes.


That is my gut feeling about all of this weirdness. Does it sound plausible or am I reading way too much into this? Do you have any other interpretations? I am in no way certain of it all, I’m just trying to make sense of a totally weird experience which even threw my scientist and non-believer of a husband (he seemed almost worried, and joked that we were being haunted, but his voice actually sounded kinda serious.)

And if anyone of you want to be my first guinea-pig for runic divination,  raise your hand or shout out loud or send me smoke signals or something. I think it’s time I start doing this.

Love and light


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Yesterday my mom came by to keep me company and made sure I got some food into me (since I’m sick with the flu). Thank you mom! Before she left we started talking about spirituality and I told her about my recent attempts at learning runic divination. I ended up offering to do a little reading for her, being very clear on the fact that I’m still just learning.

She asked about her singing, what it really means to her.

I drew three runes:

Ansuz, Fehu and Wunjo


My interpretation:

Ansuz points at divine inspiration, wisdom, blessings and truth. Fehu is about wealth, abundance and luck. Wunjo is joy, pleasure, harmony, ecstasy and fellowship. Together the three runes paint a delightful picture. What does singing really mean to mom? It springs from divine inspiration and helps her connect with the universe. Singing, rather than any physical possessions, is her true wealth and brings joy and happiness.

I’d say this was a rather successful reading, don’t you think? =)


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Runic divination: April

What will be the main features of april, the month to come?

Tiwaz – Success, victory.

It’s not the reverse (which could indicate a continued mental blockage)? Could you please clarify?

Eihwaz – Strength, dependability.

In what part of life does this concern? (personal/professional/health/home/fertility etc)

Othala / Hagalaz – home, family / natural forces

(I did not draw two runes on purpose, it just kinda happened.)

What will be my biggest challenge in the coming month, april? 

Raidho – journey, change

In what part of life will this change be? 

Nauthiz – restrictions, difficulties

What should I stay away from/watch out for in april?

Uruz – physical strength, tenacity, action, energy

What should I focus on in the coming month, to help my husband feel well/be healthy?

Perthro – the feminine, fertility, the future



So… if I have read this correctly…

What will be the main features of april, the month to come?


It’s not the reverse (which could indicate a continued mental blockage)? Could you please clarify?

Have some faith, you can trust it!

In what part of life does this concern? (personal/professional/health/home/fertility etc)

It’s about the home and family, as well as the powers of nature.

What will be my biggest challenge in the coming month, april? 

There will be a great change, a journey to embark on.

In what part of life will this change be? (I gotta say, a big part of me didn’t wanna ask this question, didn’t wanna draw the rune. Don’t know if it was because I’m scared of the answer, or if I really shouldn’t have asked in the first place, if I’m not supposed to know…)

(Since Nauthiz always seem to represent anxiety and depression for me, I can’t disregard it here.)

The great change has to do with your mental health and the depression you’ve gone through. It will take a new direction and change, for good or bad.

What should I stay away from/watch out for in april?

Take care not to take on too much and overestimate your strength and energy!

What should I focus on in the coming month, to help my husband feel well/be healthy? (Since he’s been feeling progressively worse, due to stress and high expectations.)

Focus on the feminine. (Be it the biological feminine OR the socio-traditional feminine!) 


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