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Would you be willing to help me learn and develop, by letting me read the runes for you regarding a specific issue? 

Yes, that means I am offering divination services. No, it does not mean I can claim to be competent.

It means I am learning and expect to get it wrong as often as I get it right, but I am at the point where I just need more experience to improve.

Why do I at all believe I can do this?

While I am not particularly experienced in divination, I do have a history of spontaneous precognition as well as a strong urge to further develop a connection with the spiritual realm. I have had promising experiences in the past and it feels right, I just need practice.

What am I looking for here?

Anyone willing to let me read the runes for them in answer of a question. Not too specific – I really am not at the level where I could point out where you forgot your keys, no. Not too wide a question either though, if any answer is as true as the next well then it won’t really work. Because what I humbly ask is for your feedback afterwards. Did I get it right? What did I get wrong? Did anything strike you as especially noteworthy? I am learning here, and I will need that feedback.

Will I tell the world about it?

I won’t tell a soul who has asked what, or anything specific. Might say something here on the blog about how I am progressing but nothing that can be tied to you specicially unless you clearly state it’s alright for me to post some interesting detail.

What kind of question again?

Not names and numbers. That means no lottery numbers, phone numbers or the name of your beloved pet. I am just not equipped to pick up that specific information (yet?).

If it regards the future, please have it be the NEAR future, such as next week. Otherwise it’ll just be damn hard to get feedback while it is still relevant.

Not Yes/No questions. Call me ignorant but I still just have not found a good way to handle such with the runes.

Alright, how?

Leave me a message, let me know you are interested and I will get back to you asap. You can reach me at journeymaid.@gmail.com or just write me here on the blog!

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As most of you know, I’ve been struggling with depression (as so many in the pagan/heathen/polytheistic world, interestingly!). For the last couple of days I’ve focused a whole lot on mindfulness, with pretty good result. I am working on my focus, noticing both myself and the surrounding world. Especially, this means trying to do one thing at a time.

Whoa. Tough one.

I’m a natural multitasker. Even now, this very moment, I can’t really choose between watching tv and writing this blog post, so I’m doing both. Sigh.

Aaaanyhow, except for this very moment I’ve been trying to focus on one thing at a time, practicing my focus and attention. Noticing each breath, noticing the sunlight on my face, noticing the smell of fresh air…

I’ve also been doing a lot of housework. Since many years back I’ve had huge problems with cleaning, tidying up, doing the dishes and stuff. It’s along story, but yeah I’ve been almost phobic and absolutely terrified of it. But now I find things different. I’ve been able to do housework just for the sake of doing it. Slowly, one small piece at a time, being completely focused on each movement, I’ve been able to do housework without getting the usual anxiety attacks. As a matter of fact, it has actually made me feel better and more at ease. It’s almost a form of meditation, though I find it hard to explain why and how…

So our home is now unusually clean, and I am unusually calm. Outside the weather is warm and sunny. And tonight is the New Moon, yay!

Btw, these past few days have seen another development as well. While meditating, and also in the small space between sleep and waking, I’ve been seeing things. Faces. Sometimes just parts of faces, like an eye or a mouth. Short glimpses, following one after the other, so much clearer and more vivid than what I usually see internally.

Most striking was when I looked at my hubby’s sleeping face one night. It was dark, , yet on top of his shadowy features  I saw images emerging clear as day. Faces, moving and smiling, with muted color, projected onto my husband’s sleeping body.

It was all so curious that I just lay there, watching the faces and wondering what it all meant. I may or may not have been fully awake, it doesn’t really matter. Since then similar images have appeared several times, and I’m wondering if it may be a positive side effect of my recent mindfulness training. Or what do you think?

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Hopefully I am very much at the beginning of my journey, so tonight I thought I’d try something that I have no previous experience with. The idea is to do the same test now and then over the next weeks or months and see if anything changes, as I work on my mental capacity.

The exercise was one of clairvoyance. I picked out five photographs: one of my grandmother, one of the cats I grew up with, one of me by my favourite tree as I was growing up, one of my best friend in high school, and one of another dear friend. The task: pick up a photo with closed eyes and attempt to identify which one it was. First I did 20 where I mainly just relaxed and chose whatever popped into my mind first. Then I deepened the relaxation and went into light meditation, opened my third eye, and tried harder to really see which photo I held.


The first set of 20: 4 correct out of 20.

Second set of 20: 6 out of 20.

In terms of clairvoyance, I completely failed. That slight increase in set 2 as compared to set 1 is much too small to mean anything at all. But that’s ok, since I’ve had no previous experiences to indicate that I could do this. After all, being moderately skilled in one area does NOT mean one will be skilled in other areas. And besides, the point here is not to succeed today, but to practice and hopefully get better. So over the next couple of weeks or perhaps months, I will repeat this exercise and hope to see an improvement.

How did the exercise feel?

When I began set nr 2 and settled down into light meditation I felt my third eye open wide. The first two photos I picked up felt obvious, I identified them raher quickly (and correctly). It felt good, it felt like I had found out how to do this. But then I felt my third eye closing and I had a hard time opening it again, and identifying the photos became much much more difficult. Of course it is very much a possibility that what I felt when I identified those two first photos was pure coincidence, but lets leave that question for later.

For now, I am content with the experience even though the result wasn’t any good. Right now I feel like I have to practice holding my third eye open. This time, I felt it slip away rather quickly when I opened my eyes to look at the photo, move my hands o shuffle the photos, or make that quick note of the result on a piece of paper. If I can just keep the third eye open while I do other stuff… it feels like I could learn a lot. So all in all, a good experience!

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