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Do you know what that means? It’s like clairvoyance, but you pick up the information by smelling it, not seeing it.

I’ve been planning to learn how to cleanse my home… especially once I move to our own house I want to be able to really purify and cleanse both the actual house and the ground itself. So I started lookin around on etsy for those nice smudges that I’ve read about. Not only did I find those out of sage, but also with other herbs.

That’s when I noticed it. A certain smell, both pleasant and intense. Strange, yet slightly familiar.

When I switched the page and looked at gemstones instead the fragrance immediately vanished. That’s when I realized the fragrance I’d just felt probably wasn’t physically present in the room. Curious, I once again searched for “smudges” and went to look on an etsy store with lots of incense, smudges and herbs… and there it was again, that same smell! I kept looking around, and the fragrance remained. Until I closed that window and opened this wordpress page in order to write this post. Hmm…

So I’m guessing it’s a sign telling me I’m onto something here. Either that, or my brain is running wild here. =) Anyhow, clairalience or not, I think I’ll try and get a hold of some sage leaves…



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