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We went out for a private summer solstice blot, me and my husband. I had been thinking about a good location, a spot we can return to again and again, here on our little plot of land. There were possibilities but I hadn’t decided. My husband, who isn’t of my faith but respects it, came with me out to look. And he said, “What about those rocks up there?” He pointed out towards the wild ground just outside our land, towards the woods. “There is a spot up there that I think would be just right.”

He showed me to a large rock. It wasn’t flat, didn’t have the qualities of an altar, but it just felt right. We both stood there and looked, and both said that yes, this is right, this location.

Just as we had decided, I realized we should look at it from the other side. The ground is wild and overgrown, we could from where we stood only see a little bit. So we walked around it, and it felt as though it just clicked. There. The first rock was only one of several, there were four large rocks close to each other, reaching up to my chest at least. They stood in a slight arch, and in front of them stood a sightly lower, fifth rock. This was it.

We lit Mother’s and Father’s candles. We offered potent raspberry mead. To Father, to Mother, to any other God watching over us, and to the ancestors. For a good summer. For our family. For a child. For us to stand strong together even if no child comes.

It was beautiful. There are many words words to say and write but I believe I should leave it at that, for tonight. I wish you all a happy summer solstice, and a brilliant summer.

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I just read a post in a blog that I’m following, and I felt it better to also write a post about the subject rather than trying to squeeze everything together in a short comment.

But first, here is the original post, in the blog “Just a bit psychic”:



If a stranger asks me if I am a christian, I will answer “yes”. However, that is not the whole truth. First of all, I don’t think Jesus is the only way to “salvation”. Absolutely not. Which in eyes of most christians will completely disqualify me as a christian.

When I was 14 I went to pre-confirmation classes and meetings, to listen and learn about Christianity. I had decided right away that if I at the end of the classes would only go through with the confirmation if I found real faith. And to be honest, I didn’t expect to. Though I was sure of the existence of spirits and non-physical beings/forces the concept of Christianity had always felt… well… far fetched.

But then around that time, when I really looked into my own beliefs, I got really strong messages from above. I felt it in body and soul, the thundering answer: “yes, God exists”. Exactly WHO or WHAT God is I still had no idea about, but the experiences I had were so intense that there was no point denying it. After that, I started talking/praying to God on a regular basis. And I got confirmed  in our town’s magnificent cathedral, chosen to carry the heavy cross (which was very unusual, usually only boys carried the cross because of how heavy it was). There is a photo of us walking into church, and though I usually think “orbs” are just dust or moisture or light being caught on camera, even I get stunned by the HUGE and very weird orb right above me, as I come carrying that cross.


Just a few years ago, I had a new and surprising experience. As I lay in bed relaxing, I suddenly felt myself get in touch with a completely different power. It was feminine, warm, comforting and very very strong. In the blog post that I referenced you to earlier, the writer describes her first experience of Mother Earth as “I felt her like an infant senses her own mother.” That is exactly how I felt as well! It was a powerful experience, and since then I’ve come to the conclusion that just as there is a masculine power “above” (usually called God), there is also an equal but different feminine power that is connected to the Earth: Gaia or Mother Earth or The Godess or whatever you wish to call her.

But what about angels? The word makes me uncomfortable, because all I see is winged beauties abused by popular culture. If there are Angels, I doubt the fly around on white wings, playing the harp. Now I am sure there are a multitude of spirits and beings, and that there is a certain hierarchy to it. And I think that people have tended to describe all benign spirits as “angels”, which makes the word way too wide.

Finally, let me tell you about a very interesting experience I had as a teenager. I was asleep and dreaming. Suddenly I found myself on a rugged moor, all alone. Or wait, not really alone! A figure was coming towards me, slowly. He was clad in dark grey robes with a hood. I couldn’t see his face, it was too dark beneath the hood. He came closer and the finally stopped. The the voice, extremely powerful and thundering. He said: You. You must leave. NOW.

At the last word he pointed at me, and I was thrown out of the dream through a horrible clash of colours, light and pain. And I spent the rest of the night awake, physically hurting like crazy.

I immediately knew this was no ordinary dream. My theory is that in my sleep my mind had wandered away to where it shouldn’t be. The being that brought me out might have been a guardian protecting that area, or even a benign spirit that wished to protect me, I don’t know. But since I suffered such a violently painful re-entrance into my own body and this world I was probably rather deep into the non-physical world. Or what do you think? And also, would you say that the spirit I met was an Angel? Or a guardian spirit? Though he caused me pain and apparently threw me OUT of there, I was and am still very sure that he was not evil. Just powereful. Scary powerful.


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