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Creating a Baby (Dream)

Last night I had a dream that touched my heart.

Me and my husband were visiting a certain lady. She was not young, though not especially old either. Grey hair in a neat bun, and a spark of creativity in her eyes.

We had come to her to make a baby. Right in front of us she started working with what looked like a grey lump of clay, which slowly took the shape of a living but still unborn child.

People would contact her from all around the world, asking for unique children to be created. She made them from scratch, dna and all, to match the customers’ wishes. The child she made us would really be biologically ours, sharing our genes and everything.

While the baby formed she sometimes spoke to unseen visitors. She was receiving telepathic messages from… somewhere… sometime. Somehow she existed outside of time. She told us how she had made neanderthal babies, and how they were just like us despite the physical differences.

That’s all I can remember.

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