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Hi there! *waves happily*

Just wanted to pop by and say hello, and explain that no, I have not disappeared from this blog. I’m just extremely busy working on our new home. The actual house is standing by now, but we’ve still gots loads of stuff to build and fix. Basically me and hubby work hard all day on the house, and when we come home we’re so tired we just collapse. So you see, blogging has fallen down a peg on the priority list. But I’ll be back!

By the way, I’ve been thinking about something that I’d love to hear your thoughts on. About doing what is right and good for you, or not doing so.

My body seems to prefer so called paleo food. It tastes marvellous, it requires very little effort to prepare, it keeps me full for a much longer time than “regular” meals, plus it makes my tummy really happy.

Going no-poo (=no shampoo!) makes my hair softer, easier to brush and less split-endy. Preparing no-poo alternatives requires minimal effort.

My body likes to be physically active. Not working out makes me fluffy in no time, I gain weight extremely easily.

Why then, have I stopped eating paleo, gone back to using shampoo, and skipped working out for months and months? Seriously, what’s wrong me? I know what makes me happy and healthy, yet as soon as I get a tighter schedule I just stop it. Within a few days I’ve “forgotten” what I should be eating/doing and then it’s very easy to just keep going… *sigh*

Anyone else experiencing the same thing? Is this all about being lazy, or is it a passive expression of self-destructiveness? Any advice on how to think/act to improve?



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