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Saving the swift!

There is a swift in our home.

A swift, you know, a bird that looks very similar to swallows. Right now there is a juvenile swift right here in our home. 

You see, at lunch time today I called my husband to say hi, when he told me he had just found a bird. A juvenile bird who had apparently tried to fly but not succeeded, and had been crawling around on the road just waiting to be run over. As I called, he was standing with the bird in his hand, wondering what to do.

My darling husband is such a kind person, it just melted my heart to imagine him standing there with a bird, unsure of what to do. He had tried to make it fly but it only crashed again and again. Usually it’s not recommended to pick up juvenile birds, but when it comes to swifts the bird parents never come back for their young once they’ve left the nest, those who fail to fly simply fall down and die. 

My darling described the bird as almost fully grown, and looked unharmed. I told him to bring it with him back to work and then bring it home, and maybe we could give it a chance to live. Since it’s so big it’ll probably just take a day or two until it’ll be able to fly. As we got home we tried again, since it had started to move about in it’s little box, resulting in a couple of head-first-crashes into the ground. Ouch.


So right now the young swift is resting comfortably in a cage otherwise used for our cats. Yes, we have cats. But unbelievable they still haven’t noticed our feathery visitor! Tomorrow we’ll see if we can make it fly again… I’ll get back to you with an update tomorrow!


Love and light




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