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First of all, I promised I’d tell you about my eco-haircare experiments. Yesterday I picked a bunch of birch leaves and lemon balm, and let it soak in water for a couple of hours. Occasionally I would stir and beat the leaves with a wooden spoon to get the juices flowing. In the end I filtered away the greens and got left with a very pale green liquid that I then used to wash my hair with. I took care to massage my scalp and rinse thoroughly.

And the result? Extremely soft. Clean. Perhaps a fraction more greasy than after a regular shampoo washing, but weirdly it seemed to get better after a couple of hours. This I will definitely do again, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

BUT! If you feel like trying to wash your hair with birch leaves or oatmeal (as I told you about in the last post) or stuff like that, you need to know that most usual shampoos will leave substances in your hair that can’t be washed out with just anything. So if you try a natural method and the result is a greasy mess, you need to get yourself a shampoo that can wash out the nasties one last time without leaving any new shit in your hair. After that you should be fine. I’d recommend you google “no poo” and read up on it!


Moving on…

I’ve been sick again, for most of the week.  Hellishly sore throat, a slight fever and yesterday a headache from hell jumped me. Today I feel better, but it’s not over yet.

As you know, this blog is called “my inner path”. So why focus on my physical health? Well, I have a growing suspicion that it’s all connected in a much deeper way than I’ve previously thought.

I get sick ALL the time. I’m struggling with my weight and a serious food addiction. I also have recurring depressions. I can’t seem to get pregnant, though there’s supposedly nothing physically wrong with me or my husband.

I think it’s all connected. I think I need to start paying attention to my day-to-day physical health and note down exactly how it coincides with my state of mind, what I’ve eaten and what’s been going on around me. If I document it, perhaps I can make some sense of it all.  At first I thought I should write it here in this blog, but I realize it will be much more practical to use an excel sheet and keep it short and clear to make a later interpretation easier in the end. I will tell you how it turns out, though!

Love and light




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Lucky me!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve had problems with recurring depressions and food addiction. Not really grasping the problem, my regular doctor referred me to a psychiatrist, and today I went for my second visit. Trying to figure out what’s what the shrink went through a bucketload of standard questions, covering everything from “how often do you drink alcohol?” to “have you ever tried to commit suicide?” and “do you ever hear voices that other’s can’t hear?”

Yeah, that’s where I started to think of how to express myself so that she didn’t get the wrong impression of me…  We all know how paranormal and spiritual experiences may be judged by non-believers… Ehm…

Taking a deep breath I decided to be honest, but not go into specifics. One of the questions was “do you feel like there is a greater force that you are somehow a part of?” Good place to start! I said that I am rather spiritual person and I often feel a connection to Nature, for example.

Next question. Had I ever seen things, that others couldn’t see? Ehm, how to say this… I smiled and probably blushed a bit, and said that I’ve seen a ghost, and there have been some other similar experiences as well… spiritual experiences.

She smiled at me and nodded, looked me in the eyes and said that that’s ok, those kind of experiences do not point at a psychological problem.

I was so relieved! I told her then, that I thought the entire question of religous/spiritual experiences contra hallucinations is a tricky one. Her answer was relaxed and encouraging, saying that in a religious/spiritual context it’s not that strange to have such experiences, since it has to do with one’s personal beliefs.

I would like to thank the universe for sending me to such an open minded psychiatrist! I was a bit scared that I’d be wrongly diagnosed with some psychological illness, just because of my spiritual interests, but thankfully she could tell the difference between spiritual experiences and hallucinations. Yes, thank you!

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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about “green” living and sustainability. With a growing spiritual connection to Nature and Earth, it’s a topic that also grows in importance.

So these last couple of days, I’ve been reading up on everyday hair- and skincare looking for eco-friendly alternatives to the usual crap. And yesterday I tried something new, that you just gotta try…

My hair was a bit greasy and needed a good wash. So I took a some oatmeal, crushed it into a powder, and rubbed it into my hair dry. I then brushed all the oatmeal out and guess what? The hair was clean. No grease left whatsoever. Plus the hair seemed to have gotten more volume all of a sudden! Pretty!

Seriously, this was really cool and you should try it!

Next I’m going to try making my own shampoo and conditioner… I’ll be back to tell you about how it goes!


love and light


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I had such a marvellous dream last night that I want to share with you. The dream was filled with intense emotion and very physical sensations, and left me feeling like this was something important.

I was walking in a forest together with my husband. We were just realizing that there was a psychic connection between us, and we enjoyed exploring what was actually possible.

My husband asked me if I could tell what he was thinking. As we hugged I closed my eyes and tried to listen. Within my mind I heard the words “jump, jump, jump, jump…” I laughed and told him that, which turned out to be exactly what he had been trying to send me.

There was a pathway of small steppingstones through the forest. I stood with a blindfold over my eyes. My husband stood behind me and held me. Suddenly I realized I could see  the stepping stones in front of me, despite the blindfold. As soon as i started thinking I lost it, and all was dark again. But by then I knew it could be done, and as I relaxed and sort of focused without actually focusing, the vision came back.

I started walking forward, not missing a single stepping stone. My husband helped me keep my balance by holding my hands, as he walked behind me. As long as I stayed connected to him I could see as clear as day. It was such a joy!


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Me and Hubby might be in trouble here. Deep trouble. We’ve got a piece of land (check!). We talked to the authorities about all the permits many months ago and they said everything would be fine and dandy by mid may – at the very latest (check!). We’ve ordered a house to be built at the end of summer (check).

So what could possibly go wrong? Huh. Turns out you can’t trust the authorities to make a trustworthy assessment of this kind of issue. They messed things up, of course they messed things up. Nothing we can do about it, all the paperwork is done and everything is in order BUT the authorities just haven’t closed the case, and now they are saying that if we’re lucky it MIGHT be done by the end of june. WTF?!

We shouldn’t have trusted the authorities judgement of when the whole thing would be done and the permits would be in our hands. We were naive, and now we might be financially ruined if the house building company decides it’s too late to push up the delivery date. This is bad. Really bad. Like nightmarishly bad, our dream home and economical future is hanging in the balance.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I will petition the gods and ask for their help, beg them to help speed up the permit process. I am also thinking of trying to influence the process on a magical level, I just gotta figure out how. And that’s where I’m asking you for help. What kind of ritual would you suggest? Any other pointers?

It might not work, I know. But at this point I am desperate and I’d rather try too much than too little.

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Yesterday my mom came by to keep me company and made sure I got some food into me (since I’m sick with the flu). Thank you mom! Before she left we started talking about spirituality and I told her about my recent attempts at learning runic divination. I ended up offering to do a little reading for her, being very clear on the fact that I’m still just learning.

She asked about her singing, what it really means to her.

I drew three runes:

Ansuz, Fehu and Wunjo


My interpretation:

Ansuz points at divine inspiration, wisdom, blessings and truth. Fehu is about wealth, abundance and luck. Wunjo is joy, pleasure, harmony, ecstasy and fellowship. Together the three runes paint a delightful picture. What does singing really mean to mom? It springs from divine inspiration and helps her connect with the universe. Singing, rather than any physical possessions, is her true wealth and brings joy and happiness.

I’d say this was a rather successful reading, don’t you think? =)


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A couple of nights ago my alarm clock did something funny. Both the time and the alarm got reset to 1 AM. Wtf? This particular alarm clock is extremely bothersome to reset, you can’t just twist a control around to change the time. The change done that night would have taken some 30-40 deliberate clicks of a button in the correct order (since the time and alarm were both at the same 1 AM), NOT something I could have done in my sleep. Huh. Interesting. If my cats hadn’t waken me up I would have overslept… No good!

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