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Because it seems like I’m sick again. My throat hurts and feels all swollen, and I just feel generally crappy. Since I have a job which involves talking more or less constantly I really can’t take this, not again and not right now… Been sick too much already. If it’s not improved by tomorrow morning I’m going to the drop-in nurse and we’ll see what she says. But now for my question for you? Do you have any tried-and-tested rituals or spells for self-healing? Please do tell me of your experiences, if so!


I might also mention that I’ve already consumed a whole lot of ginger and honey tea, slept a whole lot and well, that’s it.

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The circle I cast tonight felt more solid and powerful than ever. I laid out the boundaries with a long string of tiny hematites. Then I called on the elements to protect and strengthen my circle.

For the first time, I didn’t need to visualize the elements, I just saw them anyway. The roaring fire, the whistling wind, the strong earth, the whirling water… all rising aroung the edges of the circle.

Asked the Father to join me and protect the circle, and lit his candle. Asked the same from the Mother and lit her candle as well.

Then I called out for Odin, asked him to come and help me, and of course I lit his own candle too.

(Some say that you absolutely CAN NOT use the same candle twice. I for one don’t think it will cause any problems to use the same candle several times, at least not when it is for the same purpose. So far the Mother, the Father, Odin and Shangó all have their own candles, that only get lit when I wish to connect with them in some way.)

When the circle felt good I got to work. The first task: create blessed oil.

I poured newly purchased olive oil (extra virgin!) in a beautiful little glass bottle and declared my intention. Thrice I asked the Mother to bless this oil. Thrice I asked the Father to bless this oil. I put the bottle down on the altar and set my hands together, collecting all my strength and drawing energy into a ball held between my palms. It wasn’t all easy, I had to really focus and give it my all, but I knew exactly what I wanted to do and I would not give up easily.

During this part of tonight’s ritual, something funny happened with Mother’s and especially Father’s candles. The flames where abnormally huge. Father’s flame must have been some 12-13 cm tall! And all flames were completely still and motionless, and just huge. That almost got me to drop my focus, as I spent a moment to contemplate the size of the flames, but then I had to continue.

Slowly slowly I brought the ball of energy to the oil. Let the oil soak up the energy, let the energy make the oil powerful and holy. It took some time to get it done, and took fierce concentration.

When the blessing of the oil was done, the candle flames had suddenly returned to normal size. That makes me feel very confident that the blessing actually worked, so thank you Mother and Father!

With me in the circle I had the small pieces of wood that I prepared yesterday, that I had decided to make into runes. I smeared each and every piece with the blessed oil to cleanse them.

When that was done I started with the runes themselves. Turns out the tool I got for Christmas wasn’t one of those wood burners after all, but an engraving tool! And that worked just fine on wood as well, allthough it was terribly noisy. But, the noise was also a bit meditative so I didn’t mind.

The runes have been carved. Or rather, engraved. That’s all for now, I’ll save the consecration for tomorrow or the day after that. Right now I’m just too tired to do anything else, and it wouldn’t be safe for me to start poking myself with needles to draw blood, I really gotta be awake and focused for that.

Interestingly, the most interesting part of tonight’s ritual didn’t turn out to be the carving of the runes (which felt less spiritual and more crafty, despite my attempts at keeping the spiritual focus) but the blessing of the oil. Just as when I blessed salt water to cleanse my gems in, I could really FEEL it happening. The candle flames growing crazy big helped too, it was such a tangible sign that I was really on to something. Now that, I like. =)


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I have never really tried divination, other than the occational  unsucessful pendant test… But some time ago I volunteered as a runic reading guinea-pig for DarkAmber on http://darkamberdragon.wordpress.com/ and after a rather successful result I felt curious; could this type of divination be something for me as well? Well, I wont know if I don’t try!

So I decided to make my own set of runes and see if I can learn how to work with them. If I can’t then fine, I might not have that talent. And perhaps I do. We’ll just have to see!

Today when I visited the piece of land where me and my husband are going to build our house on this summer, I went looking for a suitable branch. I found one just perfect, and brought it home. With a little help from my husband I cut it up into same sized pieces, and I just spent the last hour going over them with sand paper.

That’s all I will do right now. For the next step, where I will actually start carving the runes into the surface of each and every one, I want to do it right. At least, I want to do my best. Cast a circle, ask for the help of the Mother and Father, invite Odin to guide me. Then the plan is to cleanse the wood pieces with blessed water (prepared earlier). After that I can finally start the actual carving.

I am thinking I will try to imprint the meaning of each rune psychically after the physical carving. Not sure exactly how, but it will involve using my own blood to paint each rune in order to give them as much power as possible, as well as strengthen the bond to me.

At least, that’s the plan. Being an archaeologist and having worked with real viking and medieval runic inscriptions and magic, I already have a very strong academic bond with the runes themselves. Let’s see if I can extend that bond to include runic divination.


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Thank you Camylleon, for presenting me with the One Lovely Blog Award! Though I think the awards in the blogoverse have more or less gone viral, it still makes me happy to get one! =)

But wait, before I get to the award stuff let me fulfill a promise… The mead recipe! It is extremely simple, so if you’re thinking you can’t make mead – think again, anyone can make mead!

The ingredients are simple:

17 litres of water

3.5 kg of honey

yeast (I use wine yeast, but you can actually use normal baking yeast as well. And with wine yeast, the package will tell you how much you need!)

Yup, that’s it. Now of course you can flavour it with more or less anything, but that’s the basic. And as far as I’m concerned, the raw basic mead is often the best, as additional flavouring will easily overpower the taste of honey.

Now obviously you also need a damejeanne (a huge glass bottle!) or a bucket with a lid on it. This is what mine looks like:

The process is simple: Fill the container with the water. Heat up the honey just a bit (but preferable not more than 40 degrees celcius!) and pour it in. Mix in the yeast aaaaand… you’re done! Just give it a good shake so that everything mixes well, and place the container somewhere inside your home where it’s rather warm and cosy, but no too hot either. (ca 23 degrees celcius) =)

Then you just wait. After a couple of weeks the fermentation will stop. This will take approximately 3-8 weeks, so just check it out once a week or so. When it seems to be all still, with no bubbles appearing anymore and the pressure not rising anymore, then it’s stopped. At this point the mead is done if you want it to be some 4-5 % alcohol. But if you, like me, want it to be stronger then you pour in another batch of honey (I use the same amount one more time), and thus making the fermentation start again! =)

When you feel you are done fermenting the mead you place it somewhere a bit colder for a couple of days. After that you bottle it and store it for 4 weeks. Then, finally, it’s done! Or well, sort of. It will just get better if you store it longer. But after those 4 weeks I doubt that you’ll be able to keep your hands off it!

Now mead made this way will not taste sweet, oh no. I find it rather dry (a bit like a dry white wine) and think it’s absolutely best to sweeten it with additional honey just before drinking it. In other words, just mix in more honey to your own liking, or let it be as it is, it’s all up to you.

Well, there you have it! If you have any questions, just ask away!

Now for the nice award, and once again THANK YOU Camylleon! (http://camylleon.wordpress.com/2012/01/29/isnt-it-llllooooooooovely/)

The rules of this award are simple, just write down seven things that make you happy and then pass along the award. So here it is (not necessarily in the correct order!):

1. My husband. Seeing his face every day when I wake up is true bliss.

2. Nature. Be it dark woods, open fields, tall mountains or the roaring ocean.

3. Crafting, creating things with my hands…

4. Cuddling with my cats. Did I mention I LOOOVE cats? =)

5. Good friends just popping by on their way home!

6. A huge cup of tea. I mean really huge!

7. Working with archaeological items, formulating theories… what can I say, I love my archaeology!

Now to spread the love!




Thank you for creating such interesting blogs!

With love


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I tried very hard to calm down last night before attempting to enchant my amber jewlery, not wanting to spill over any negativity into the process. With a string of hematite chips held closely I focused on letting go of all the irritation, sadness and anger.

When I felt sufficiently calm I went on to the newly cleansed jewlery. Whispered three times to each piece of amber:

Protect me.

Having such a headache from all the crying I asked the father to please remove the ache. After which I dipped my finger’s in the remaining blessed salt water, and smeared it on my temples. The ache disappeared immediately.

I ended the session asking the Mother and Father to help me with my work situation, and also asked them to send my boss some love, peace and understanding.

Today when I went to work I had on the amber ring and carried amber in both pockets. I was still emotionally sore from the yesterday, and tried really hard to connect and draw strength from the Mother. When my boss approached me I was so surprised I didn’t know what to say; I couldn’t feel her usual spiky aggressive energy. I am still amazed, my boss seemed so different… in a very good way!

I have no idea if the amber helped block out her usual spiky energy so I couldn’t feel it any more, or if the Mother or Father had intervened. Or if I was just lucky and my boss had an unusually good day or whatever. It doesn’t matter, I am very happy that today was a much better day and I was relieved to not get spiked by nasty energy at work. *takes a long and satisfyed breath*

I think I’ll continue wearing the amber, just in case. I wonder how often one should cleanse them and renew the enchantment, to keep them efficient?

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Last night I dreamt I was in the kitchen of my mom’s home. I was trying to wash clothes in a regular kitchen pot on the stove. It didn’t go too well. 

I then noticed that my two darling cats had somehow managed to get inside the fridge. I wondered why, and let them out. Turned out they had the ability to squeeze through extremely narrow openings. I mean, really really narrow openings, like less than a cm in width.

Rather fascinated, I watched how one of the cats sneaked into the kitchen cabinet through an unbelievably narrow crack.


I chatted with my mom today. She told me she’s come up with a plan for keeping her Fat cat out of the kitchen at night while still letting the Thin cat in, so that she could grab a night time snack. Mom happily explained the solution she’d come up with last night. She’d simply leave the door just a little bit opened and put some sort of stopper on it, so that Thin cat could sneak into the kitchen but the Fat cat just wouldn’t fit!

My guess is Fat cat will still manage to squeeze her way in. Or what do you think?

Oh, by the way. After mom told me about her plan I jokingly asked if she hadn’t possibly been trying to wash clothes on the stove in a cooking pot? She gave me a blank stare and said… uhm… yes.

Feeling slightly stupid, I had no good comments. Mom went on to explain that she hadn’t done it in the last couple of days, but yes she does boil her clothes on the stove if she’s particularly worried about germs.

Heh… I love my mom, but she’s a bit weird sometimes. But, so am I so I don’t blame her. =)

Now I am just wondering if this was a psychic connection from her mind to mine, or if I was rather getting a hint of something yet to pass… Anyhow, I found that rather amusing.


Now I had planned to write another blog post today, as I have a lot of other stuff I want to share. But I had a really crappy day at work and I can’t seem to find the motivation. Problems with my boss again. All plans to help her against a potential spiritual parasite is hearby called off, at least temporarily. If she acts like a complete ***** and attacks me verbally every time I open my mouth I am not going to risk my own sanity and health for her. I have now asked my other boss to be transferred to another office nearby and hopefully he will say yes, because otherwise I really don’t want to go to work tomorrow. =( And oh, if anyone’s got a little positive energy to spare I’d be grateful if you’d like to try and share some with me. Chatting to my boss this morning drained me so completely that I just broke down in tears, and I still can’t wrap my head about the whole thing.

And just because I know you are wondering why my boss would have such a “talk” with me… A co-worker came to me yesterday and asked me to convey some information about drug use in the office. She asked to be anonymous, but told me all she knew. As I went ahead and conveyed this information, I got hit by a major backlash, as always. Boss rejected whatever I had to say and hinted that there had never been any problems in the workplace before I became a safety representative, and very aggressively asked me why I would come to her with such information, what did I expect from her and so on and so on. I tried to explain that I was just passing on the information a co-worker had asked me convey, whereby she refused to accept such a thing. Perhaps I’ll have softened by tomorrow, but right now I’m thinking that if there actually is a nasty spirit attached to her then I honestly don’t care.


I’ll stop writing now. And I sure hope that my boss doesn’t read this and connects the dots. But I really don’t think that’s a problem, she wouldn’t dream about reading about paranormal stuff. But still – if you do know who I am, please don’t reveal my name here because I really need to feel I can be anonymous.


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Working on raising my defenses against negative energy/influence, I have been reading a lot about the properties of various semi-precious stones. Most of this knowledge wasn’t really new, as my mother taught me a whole lot on the subject already when I was a kid. However, much of that knowledge has become somewhat blurred, and I find it strengthens me to re-discover it.

I have quite a collection of stone beads left from when I used to make jewlery. Amethyst, jade, carnelion, tiger’s eye, rose quartz… And today I also bought a small pack of onyx beads, and a whole string of hematite chips. I would of course have preferred to have larger stones… but for now it will have to do.

I also rummaged through my jewlery box and pulled up an amber pendant, a ring set with a piece of amber, a jade pendant, and a pendant I once made containing little beads of rose quartz and jade. Then there was the gorgeous necklace and matching earrings (my husband’s parents got them for me after their visit to China) made out of a whole lot of rather big, red stones. Not sure what kind, actually. At first I thought it was an unusually dark kind of carnelion… but now I don’t think so. Looks more like red jasper, I think.

All these gems I have worn at different times of my life, and all have also spent quite a lot of time just laying around. So before anything else, I felt I needed to cleanse them of any residual energy from the past.

I got down in front of my makeshift altar (a rather large wooden box with a flat top that I use to store all my spiritual goodies and candles in) and set up the Mother’s candle, and the Father’s candle.

I lit their candles and asked for their presence.

Two blue glass bowls with water I placed on the altar. I wish I had more bowls available but two would have to do. I asked the Mother to bless the water.

Holding some salt in my hand, I asked the Father to bless the salt with his power. I then mixed the salt with the water.

The salt water gave off a very good vibe and truly felt blessed. Not wanting to simply wipe the water from my finger’s (it felt like such a waste) I smeared some on my own forehead, asking the Mother and Father to bless me. And some I smeared on my belly, asking them to bless my womb and help me conceive.

I then picked up the different gem stones, held them up and whispered at each an every one: With the power of the Mother and the Father, I cleanse you.

Carefully I placed the larger pieces (the ones I think is red jasper) in one bown, and the smaller pieces in the other.

Putting my hands over the bowls, palms down, I was struck by an unexpected sense of… well not power, really, that just sounds too big. No, it was more of a light and bubbly something radiating from underneath my hands. It was very obvious that something was going on there, and I have no doubt in my mind that the gems will be cleansed better than I could have hoped for.

When I finally withdrew my hands I was still amazed by the feeling, and didn’t really want to let go just yet.

Moving my hands towards eachother I willed energy to appear, as I have done before. And it came quickly, a slightly bouncy resistance in the “empty” space between my hands, growing larger for every breath I let out. It grew faster and bigger than ever before, and I revelled in the feeling. I analyzed every bit of the sensation, noticing how the energy shrunk slightly when I breathed in, how it was such a clear resistance when I tried to push my hands closer together and wondering exactly what the energy was. And now that it was growing so quickly between my hands, I mainly wondered what the heck I could do with it!   Not being able to figure it out, I eventually let it go, enjoying a quick sensation of it enveloping my head for a moment before it disappeared.

Some day I have to figure out what one can actually do with such a bouncy ball of energy. And how to do anything with it, except just enjoying the feel of it between my hands! Any suggestions?

I want to thank the Mother and Father so much for tonight’s experience. For the last day or so I’ve been wondering if I have any potential to do magic at all, or if I am only gifted with passive skills such as prophetic dreaming and such, and I was so afraid of being met with blank as I tried to work with the gems. But now I feel only joyful and empowered. I asked the Mother and Father to bless the water and salt, and they did. I know it, I could feel it in the very essence of the water. And placing the gems in the water and speaking those words I know I did something. A little bit of my own power willed them to be cleansed. As I felt the light and tingling energy I knew that I had just performed just a tiny bit of magic. That makes me so happy I can’t even describe it, and after trying to type an appropriate sentence about it 15 times or so I am just going to leave it at that. Happy happy joy joy! =)


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